Software Development Salary

Software development salaryThose who are interested in pursing a career in the computer industry may wonder about what to expect in terms of a software development salary. A software development degree prepares students to succeed in the demanding computer industry and ndividuals in software development jobs can earn a lucrative pay.

Software Development Degree Basics

Software development degree programs teach students how to design, construct, and test software and systems in various programming languages. Many programs feature both instruction on theory as well as practical learning experiences. Required coursework commonly includes introduction to computer systems, computer programming, data structures, web page development, and fundamentals of networking, wireless application design, and operating systems.

Southern New Hampshire University and Bellevue University are examples of institutions that offer top software development degrees. Southern New Hampshire University offers an online bachelor’s degree in computer information technology with focus on software development. The program blends software development with business courses to provide students with a strong foundation in information technology. The program includes courses in digital business, system software development, and virtual environments. Bellevue University offers a bachelor’s degree in software development and students progress through the program in a cohort. Coursework includes web scripting, business telecommunications, and JAVA programming.

Details About Software Development Salaries

In general, the starting salary for those with a software development degree is around $50,000 a year. But as is the case with most other professions, graduates of software development degree programs earn varied salaries depending on many different factors, like location, education, experience, and specific job title.

The specific location of employment greatly influences the software development salary because in different areas there is varying demand and cost of living. For example, software development professionals working in San Jose, California earn a median wage of $102,000 per year, while those in Atlanta, Georgia earn around $73,000 annually.

A graduate’s education level also affects compensation. Individuals with an associate degree earn median wages between $35,000 and $93,000; bachelor’s degree holders are compensated between $41,000 and $121,000; master’s degrees between $52,000 and $149,000; and doctorate degrees between $71,000 and $157,000. In addition to formal education at a university, professional certifications also impact pay. Someone with a  Project Management Professional certification can earn a median wage of $100,000 and those with the Sun Certified Java Programmer credential can earn around $83,000.

Software development professionals who have under one year of employment earn a median pay of $50,000; one to four years working in the field $55,000; five to nine years $73,000; 10 to 19 years $96,000; and 20 or more years $108,0000.

Like many other fields, gender also influences salary. Males in the software development industry earn a median pay of $78,000 and females earn $62,000.

With the constant demand for new software programs, software developers and engineers are the careers typically with the highest demand. Software engineers earn a median salary of $72,000, project managers $75,000, and software developers $73,000. Senior software engineers are among the highest paid professionals earning often more than $150,000 per year.

Concluding Thoughts

Software development professionals looking to increase their pay can do so in a variety of fashions. Pursuing advanced educational opportunities is a popular way to boost pay, as those with graduate degrees often earn $5,000 to $10,000 more than those with undergraduate degrees. Professional certifications and extensive job experience can also increase the software development salary.

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