30 Best Podcasts About Data Science

By CSDH Staff

Data Science is one of the most exciting branches of Computer Science. It’s also one of the fastest evolving! Podcasts are a great way to keep up with the industry, and to learn from some of the very best. Keep scrolling for Computer Science Degree Hub’s roundup of the 30 best podcasts about data science!

Accidental Tech Podcast 

The Accidental Tech Podcast is the very popular podcast of three self-proclaimed nerds: Marco, Casey, and John. Each week, the three discuss technology, programming, Apple, and other related topics. Each episode averages two hours in length. Recent episodes include “Apple Did Not Eat That Food,” “Digital Speedo,” and “A Series of Rectangles.” 

The Artists of Data Science

The Artists of Data Science is described as “the ONLY self-development podcast for data scientists.” Hosted and produced by Harpreet Sahota, The Artists of Data Science podcast is chock full of advice about professional development, the good things affected by data science, and musings on industry ethics, among other things. New episodes are released multiple times a week, and span about an hour in length. Recent episodes include “Explainable Data Science,” “Choose Who You Become,” and “The Only Chipotle in All of India.”  

Build a Career in Data Science

Build a Career in Data Science is the data science-themed podcast of Jacqueline Nolis and Emily Robinson. Ideal for the data science newbie, the show covers “what data science courses leave out.” New episodes are released twice each month, and most average about one hour. Recent episodes include “Data Science in Production,” “Data Science Failures,” and “Making an Analysis.” 

CodeNewbie Podcast 

The Code Newbie Podcast is a very popular podcast from CodeNewbie. New episodes are released weekly, and feature interviews from professionals detailing their coding journey. Recent episodes include “How to Create Content and Build Communities,” “What It’s Like to Break Into Tech as a Mother,” and “What is Creative Coding and Generative Art.”  

Data Book

Those who are interested in the ways in which data science and healthcare converge will want to give Data Book a listen. This popular science podcast spotlights the ways in which big data and artificial intelligence are changing the world of medicine. New episodes are released twice per month. Recent episodes include “Are Vaccine Passports Capable of Keeping Our Data Safe?”, “Data Operability Rules and Confusion,” and “Telehealth, Remote Monitoring, and the American Rescue Plan.” 

Data Crunch

Data Crunch is a podcast that features data science entrepreneurs and experts. Each episode is a discussion about the ways in which data science and AI are changing the world for the better. Most episodes average 30 minutes in length, and new episodes are released monthly. Recent episodes include “Overcoming Cultural Hurdles in Tech,” “Think Differently with Graph Databases,” and “Implementing ML Algorithms with Ylan Kazi.” 

Data Futurology

Data Futurology is the podcast of Felipe Flores. It’s subtitled “Leadership and Strategy in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science.” This podcast focuses on the leadership side of AI, and how we can gain the most value from it. New episodes are released multiple times each month, and span about one hour. Recent episodes include “How Data and AI Are Reshaping the Future of Retail,” “Leveraging Data for Better Citizen Outcomes,” and “Delivering Business Impact with Data & AI.” 

Data Science at Home 

Data Science at Home is the popular data science podcast of Francesco Gadaleta. In each episode, Gadaleta discusses AI, machine learning, and other topics related to data science. New episodes are produced frequently, and average 30 to 45 minutes. Recent episodes include “Delivering Unstoppable Data with Streamr,” “MLOps: What Is and Why Is It Important?,” and “Can I Get Paid for My Data?”

Data Science Ethics 

Data Science Ethics is a podcast dedicated to discussions about model behavior. A large selection of interesting and relevant episodes are available to dive into. Most episodes span just under 20 minutes, though some are as long as 45 minutes. Popular episodes include “Tay Bot: A Cautionary Tale,” “Incorporate Inclusivity,” and “Tesla Cars Store Unencrypted Data.” 

Data Science Imposters Podcast 

The Data Science Imposters are none other than Antonio Borges and Jordy Estevez. The duo discuss all sorts of topics relating to machine learning and big data via this popular podcast. Generally, episodes are released once or twice a month, and average 50 minutes in length. Recent episodes include “Math in Data Science,” “Scrum Mastering,” and “Stock Market: Investing and Data Science.” 

Data Science Storytime 

Data Science Storytime is a podcast by Heavybit. The podcast focuses on data and science, and interesting stories that make them so relevant to today’s world. Popular episodes include “Building a Cyborg Company,” “The Future of Data,” and “The Fandom Menace.” 

Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic is the original podcast of Kyle Polich. The podcast features interviews and discussions on data science, machine learning, AI, and much more. New episodes are released twice per week, and span anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. Recent episodes include “Forecasting Principles and Practice,” “They’re Coming for Our Jobs,” and “Social Networks.” 

Data Skeptic Bonus Feed 

If the above podcast just isn’t enough, then you’ll definitely want to explore the archives of Data Skeptic Bonus Feed, too. Kyle Polich uses this podcast for extended and extra materials. Episodes include a discussion of Alan Turing’s Computing Machinery and Intelligence, an interview with Chatbox creator Bruce Wilcox, and a discussion about UFOs. 

Data Skeptic: Journal Club

Yet another podcast in the Data Skeptic stable is Data Skeptic: Journal Club. This podcast features a series of episodes about all sorts of data-related topics. Episodes span anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. Popular episodes include “Stitch Fix, Carbon Footprints, and AI with Human Values,” “Science Fiction, Training Thousands at Home, and AutoML-Zero,” and “DNA Storage, Assessing COVID-19 Risks, and NLP Beyond English.” 

Harvard Data Science Review 

The Harvard Data Science Review is a newer podcast dedicated to the ways in which data science is used “to lead, mislead, manipulate, and inform the important decisions facing us today.” Each episode runs about 30 minutes. Recent episodes include “Predicting Oscar Winners: How Crystal is the Statistical Ball?”, “Tracking the (Money) Balls: How Data Science is Becoming a Game Changer,” and “The Data of Love.” 

Hello Internet 

With nearly 8,000 five-star reviews, Hello Internet is the extremely popular podcast of CGP Grey and Brady Haran. In each of the podcast’s episodes, Grey and Haran discuss life, their tech work, YouTube, and just about anything else they find interesting. Most topics covered by the podcast don’t relate obviously to data science, but are the types of things that data scientists are bound to find interesting and helpful. 

Leading with Data 

Leading with Data is a podcast dedicated to analytics, and the tried and true strategies that make data science more accessible. Episodes are released weekly, and average 30 to 60 minutes in length. New episodes include “How to Master the 4 Levels of Data Literacy,” “How to Create a Better Data Culture Through Data Storytelling,” and “How to Harness Disruptive Innovation.”  

Linear Digressions 

Linear Digressions is the podcast of Ben Jaffe and Katie Malone. Each episode features the hosts discussing machine learning and data science through different (and often unexpected) applications. Episodes average 15 to 30 minutes in length. Popular shows include “A Reality Check on AI-Driven Medical Assistants” and “A Data Science Take on Open Policing Data.” 

Naked Data Science 

Naked Data Science is one of the top rated podcasts in its category. The podcast is aimed at those who want to be better data scientists, and features practical tips and inspiration. New episodes are released once or twice each month, and span anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Recent episodes include “The Big Bang Theory of Data Science,” “Solve Data Science Problems Like a Detective,” and “Does Your Project Even Need Machine Learning?”   

Not So Standard Deviations 

Not So Standard Deviations is the data science podcast of Roger Peng and Hilary Parker. Two to three times per month, Peng and Parker discuss the latest happenings in data analysis in industry and academia. Recent episodes include “Four Sigma Club,” “Monetizing False Positives,” and “Data Gunslingers.” 

Plumbers of Data Science 

Andreas Kretz is the mind (and voice) behind Plumbers of Data Science. This podcast shines the spotlight on data engineering, which Kretz describes as “super important and a big mess when done wrong.” Episodes are released sporadically, but the show has a large archive. Popular episodes include “Data Engineering at OLX Case Study,” “Budget Data Science PC Build,” and “Data Engineering at NASA Case Study.”

The Python Data & Science Podcast.__init__ 

The Python Data & Science Podcast.__init__ is the work of Tobias Macey. The weekly podcast is dedicated to the use of Python in science, research, and data. Each episode runs about one hour. Recent topics covered include “Federated Learning for All with Flower,” “Automatically Generate Your Unit Tests From Scratch with Pynguin,” and “Leveling Up Natural Language Processing with Transfer Learning.”

Security Now 

Security Now is TWiT’s podcast featuring Steve Gibson, the man who came up with the word “spyware” and who created the first anti-spyware program. Episodes are recorded live every Tuesday, and average about two hours in length. Each episode covers a variety of topics relating to security. 

SQL Data Partners Podcast 

The SQL Data Partners Podcast features host Carlos L Chacon. The podcast puts the spotlight on topics related to Microsoft data platforms. New episodes are released once or twice each month, and span anywhere from 25 minutes to one hour. Recent episodes include “Dashboard Design Principles,” “EDI vs ETL,” and “Azure Data Factory.”  

Startup Data Science 

The Startup Data Science podcast is aimed at anyone working with or interested in data science, whether a novice or a seasoned veteran. The podcast is organized like a complete class on startup-ready data science, and is meant to be listened to from start to finish. Each episode spans 25 to 45 minutes in length.

SuperDataScience Podcast 

The SuperDataScience Podcast is Jon Krohn’s podcast about all things machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. Through interviews and solo musings, Krohn covers techniques and tips for data collection, software engineering, and much more. Most episodes span one hour, and new episodes are added about twice per week. Recent episodes include “The Learning Never Stops (So Relax),” “The History of Data,” and “High-Impact Data Science Made Easy.”  

Talk Python to Me 

Talk Python to Me is Michael Kennedy’s popular podcast about data science. New episodes are released weekly, and feature the innovative things data scientists and software developers are doing with Python. The podcast is specifically aimed at both hobbyists and professionals. Recent episodes include “Python at the US Federal Election Commission,” “Automate Your Data Exchange with PyDantic,” and “Python Apps that Scale to Billions of Users.” 

The Tech Guy

The Tech Guy is TWiT’s podcast featuring Leo Laporte. An expert on all things technology, computers, and the Internet, Laporte covers a variety of computer science-related topics on each episode. New episodes are recorded live on both Saturday and Sunday, and average two hours in length. 

Towards Data Science 

Towards Data Science is a popular podcast that shares concepts, ideas, and codes related to data science. Each episode features an interview with an industry professional. New episodes are produced weekly, and average one hour in length. Recent episodes include “Should All AI Research be Published?”, “The High Cost of Automated Weapons,” and “AI Advances, but Can the Law Keep Up?”

Women in Data Science 

Women in Data Science is the podcast of Stanford professor Margot Gerritsen. Each episode features leading women in data science sharing their work and advice. New episodes are produced infrequently, but the show has a large archive. Popular episodes include “Applying Statistics to Promote Fairness and Transparency,” “The Importance of Data Integrity in COVID-19 Clinical Trials,” and “Bringing an Economist’s Perspective to Data Science.” 

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