5 Tech Companies People Love to Work For

5 Tech Employers People Love to Work For

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Procore Technologies
  • SAP

In today’s world of business, tech companies are king. It is widely known that working for an employer in the tech industry can bring many benefits far beyond the standard vacation, sick time, and health insurance. From a more positive, creative work environment to on-site nap spaces and organic cafes, technology companies are at the forefront of maximizing employee attitude and health. The personify the belief that a happy employee is a productive employee.

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The first and still the largest social media site has long been considered one of the top places to work in the tech industry. For beginners, they offer a more than competitive salary and benefits package. The company employs more than 11,000 people at its Menlo Park, California HQ and several other offices around the world. Its relaxed, “no-rules” environment, open leadership communication, and work centers that are small cities in their own right make Facebook one of the top tech employers people love to work for.


LinkedIn focuses strongly on what they consider the most important aspect of a happy workforce: the physical workspace, benefits, and most of all, “company culture.” It’s the latter that many LinkedIn employees mention what sets their company apart from the rest. The emphasis on individual growth and creativity, teamwork, and a sense of humor make their corporate environment a place where employees can grow and thrive. The physical environment at the tech employer’s HQ is very different: each floor has a different color theme, and there is a variety of foods and drinks everywhere.


Google places its #1 priority on employee happiness in the workplace. Employees note a great salary and benefits package, meaningful work, and job satisfaction as the top reasons they enjoy working for Google. For example, Google employees enjoy dozens of perks in the “Googleplex” building, including laundry, daycare, exercise facilities, gourmet food, and much more. Employees are encouraged to work on projects that inspire them, alone or in teams, and allows much of its workforce to telecommute. Median pay is far above the average in the industry, and benefits include generous vacation and parental leave.

Procore Technologies

Construction software and hardware giant Procore Technologies is relatively new to the list of best employers in the tech industry, but it has risen quickly for good reason. Procore prides itself on building a strong teamwork culture and focuses on employees feelings of pride in the execution of their work. Procore operates what they call an “autonomous work culture” that considers all members of a team and clients as parts of a cycle that makes up the whole project. Each is integral to the process and depends on one another. The structure of the organization is “open, optimistic,” and seeks to form a feeling of ownership among its employees on top of excellent benefits and perks.


Many respondents talking about SAP are quick to note that even part-time employees receive a benefits package, and the company’s college internship opportunities are top notch and lead to high employment rates of participants. Besides excellent benefits and pay, SAP emphasizes employee development, including ongoing education. They put a focus on hiring veterans, and actively seek to build a strong, diverse workforce, factors, according to Forbes, that contribute greatly to a feeling of job satisfaction.

There are dozens of technology companies and thousands of jobs in today’s computer-based world. Choosing the one that is best for your career plans and your life can be difficult and confusing, but learning from the experience of others can make that search a little easier. These 5 companies are considered by their employees to be the best tech employers and offer both a great place to start and a yardstick against which other companies can be measured.