5 Must-Know Terms for IT Professionals

IT Professionals: 5 Important Terms

  • Agile Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Center
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Artificial Intelligence

To be successful in their careers, there are many must-know terms for IT professionals to learn. Although IT professionals are responsible for a large variety of tasks, their main responsibilities are to install, repair, test, and maintain software and hardware associated with computer systems. Learning the terms necessary to accomplish these tasks can help them secure top jobs in IT, and the five terms described below are among some of the most important.

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1. Agile Development

One must-know term for IT professionals is agile development. Agile development involves a set of procedures that are used to create software that is flexible and creative. The main goal in agile development is to keep coding simple and to allow for the release of functional parts of the software as soon as possible. This enables IT professionals to make products available to consumers much faster than if they were to wait until all parts of the software are completed.

2. Business Intelligence

Another essential term for IT professionals to learn is business intelligence. Business intelligence is a term that refers to a broad range of tools and software that businesses commonly use to gather and examine data. These tools and software are especially valuable to IT professionals because they help them save time and cut costs. Common uses for tools and software related to business intelligence include data mining, data analysis, and reporting.

3. Data Center

Data center is another must-know term for IT professionals. As an article published by Forbes explains, data centers are evolving at a rapid pace today, and it is highly important for IT experts to stay abreast of these changes. Data centers are repositories that are used to store, manage, and disseminate information and data that are essential to business operations. Data centers typically house such things as computer systems, applications, and associated components.

4. Disaster Recovery

Yet another important term for IT professionals to learn is disaster recovery. Disaster recovery systems and procedures allow businesses to continue operating in the event of such catastrophes as viruses, hacker attacks, fires, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Businesses can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars during just one hour of Internet downtime, but when an effective disaster recovery system is in place, this is not a concern.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Also among the must-know terms for IT professionals is artificial intelligence. Sometimes referred to as machine intelligence, artificial intelligence consists of a type of intelligence that computers and computer systems display. The primary goal of IT professionals who are knowledgeable in artificial intelligence is to create computers and computer systems that can react and respond in much the same way as a human being would. This typically includes such systems as problem-solving, speech and facial recognition, and planning.

Aspiring IT professionals will need to learn many terms to be successful in their careers. And although there is a vast array of important IT terms they will need to learn, the five must-know terms for IT professionals described above are some of the most important.