5 Minors that Pair Well with Computer Science

Five Great Minor Options for Computer Science Degrees

  • Systems Engineering
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering Management

Today’s computer science degree is a sure ticket to some great and growing career options. But what are some of the best choices when it comes to a minor well-paired to computer science? Based on overall applicability, here are five of the best options for general pairing with the computer science degree.

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1. Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is a specialized area of engineering that focuses on managing complex systems. A “system” here can pertain to a dam, drainage, and levee series, or system, a massive electrical grid, or even a system of computers, networks, and the communications events taking place therein. Those minoring in this area thus see preparation that is widely applicable in today’s world full of systems of all types.

2. Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electronics and communications engineering, or ECE for short, is a great pairing to the data science major because ECE deals with the physical components of computers and electronic devices and how exactly they work and communicate amongst one another. How does a transistor work? Which electronics systems require the use of semiconductors? What do diodes do? These are the questions someone familiar with ECE can answer.

3. Data Science

Data science is the science that looks at data, or information in electronic form, and attempts to essentially fully decode and understand it. Not simply applying to storage, preservation, use, and organization, more “intuitive” concepts are taught here such as finding hidden patterns and meanings in data that others often cannot. Beyond this spectrum, as pointed out by Forbes contributor Winnie Cheng, data science is also an exciting and major driver of the progress of the field of AI, or artificial intelligence.

4. Information Technology

Information technology, more commonly referred to as IT, is all about the various processes and methods used by computing devices to do their duties in a business format or some other enterprise. Someone specialized in IT specifically would therefore likely be able to set up, repair, alter, and otherwise do all types of work with a computer or network system. In many opinions, this is viewed as the most directly related study field to that of computer science itself.

5. Engineering Management

As the name of this concentration suggests, engineering management is all about the science of managing engineering endeavors of all types and sizes. As engineering is its own specialty field and science, its effective management often varies from that seen in other areas of business, science, and enterprise. A minor here, along with a major in computer science, sets the grad on a course to be able to uniquely manage certain operations in relation to, and sometimes even unrelated to computer science work itself.

As the world continues to go digital in so many ways, the role of those educated in computer science will continue to grow in value and demand. Choosing a great minor to pair with this progressive degree can, itself, lend a great hand to the grad’s ultimate value in the job market. In conclusion, for those seeking even more information about computer science and the job and educational elements related to it, the International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology is an excellent resource with which to follow-up further.