5 Best Jobs With a Computer Science Degree

5-jobs-computer-science-degreeIf you want endless opportunities and a good salary for the rest of your life, you can’t go wrong with a degree in computer science. You can work in the private and government sectors or even in the military. Computer science degrees take four years to acquire, and they pay off for as long as you care to remain in the Information Technology (IT) field. Here are five careers you can pursue with a degree in computer science.

Project Manager

As a project manager, you’ll oversee a team of programmers and technical writers who are either working together on a single project or are the IT division of a small or large company. You can work for one company or move from job to job as a consultant. Project managers are busy and usually arrive early and leave late. Opportunities for overtime are frequent, and the pay, as with all IT jobs, is substantial. You’ll be designing flow charts, assigning coding projects to programmers, testing programs, proofreading user manuals and managing the project so that it’s completed on time.

IT Department Supervisor

The department supervisor makes certain that the IT department has the people, hardware and software to do their job. You’d be responsible for interviewing candidates and recommending the right people for the company’s job openings. This position could be with a private company or a government agency. You have to test new software and recommend programs you think will benefit your company. You’ll also load new software on the team’s PCs, set up computers for new employees, manage the company’s email and maintain the firm’s server or servers.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are responsible for writing code for various projects. They can work for one company or freelance through a job agency as a consultant. Their main task is to create code for software programs that satisfy the requirements of the company. You may write programs for accounting, human resources, point of sale, billing, inventory management, project planning or many other applications. In some cases, you have to write the user manual for the software you create. You also have to teach the appropriate staff members how to use the new software. Programmers are known for burning the midnight oil. A good programmer can command a high salary from private, government or military employers.

Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you assist management and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Your duties include monitoring your company’s performance, creating and managing databases and generating monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. You work with the heads of all the departments and attend many meetings. Your skills on a PC are vital for this position. You should be an expert in spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, word processing, databases and whatever accounting programs your company uses.

Web Designer

Web designers create the company’s website, which is its interface to the world. You should have a good eye for graphic design and understand how to generate code that looks good, works well and is reliable. New software and plug-ins are constantly being created, so you’ll be expected to stay current on all the latest technologies. You can expect to revamp or upgrade your company’s website annually with the latest features. Web designers can find work with one company or work as freelance consultants.

A degree in computer science can provide you with a lifetime of computer science job opportunities in the U.S. or abroad. The options are limitless, and the most talented graduates will find themselves able to write their own ticket when it comes to salary and employers.

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