5 Ideas for Computer Science Internships

Internships for Computer Science Majors

  • Front-end/Back-end Engineering Internship
  • Computer Security Internship
  • Mobile Applications Internship
  • Product Development Internship
  • Data Scientist Internship
A computer science internship is an effective way to explore career opportunities in the technology industry. It will provide real-world experience in collaborating with a team to meet common goals. It is a way to identify one’s preferences in terms of workplace dynamics and teamwork expectations. The best internship opportunities will pair the intern with an experienced computer science professional who will serve as a mentor and team leader. Aside from the mentorship, an internship experience strengthens a resume, demonstrating some work experience and providing networking opportunities. Additionally, many internship opportunities for computer science majors are highly compensated. Related resource: Top 10 Online Information Systems Security Degrees Online (Bachelor’s)

1. Front-end/Back-end Engineering Internship

An internship as a front-end engineer provides opportunities to assist with the development, testing and debugging of consumer-side applications. Back-end engineering will strengthen the intern’s skills in handling the data that powers applications and websites. A full-stack internship position would involve exposure to both front-end and back-end tasks, requiring familiarity with several programming languages.

2. Computer Security Internship

Data security is a big concern with site hacking becoming very common. An internship in this field will provide an insight into security issues that big companies and websites are facing. Interns may also be given a chance to assist with developing solutions and preventive strategies to minimize unauthorized access to digital platforms and accounts. Internships in this field are typically available in the finance and healthcare sectors where data intrusion may have a major impact on sensitive and private information.

3. Mobile Applications Internship

Consumers have become dependent on their mobile devices for everything from maintaining a calendar to shopping for anything. Ensuring that commercial websites are compatible with mobile technology will mean involvement in both front-end and back-end tasks, so familiarity with various user-facing languages and data structures may help land an internship in mobile application development.

4. Product Development Internship

An internship in product development would be a great fit for the computer science major who is keen on building marketing skills as well. This internship may involve working with both the engineering and marketing teams to create a workable road map for bringing a technology product to market. Some of the tasks may include quality assurance testing, market research, distribution and generating feedback on specific technology products.

5. Data Scientist Internship

Data scientists are concerned with statistical modeling, quantitative analyses, segmentation, and user profiling. An internship in this field will provide experience with using statistical models to predict the market impact and other data that may be useful for developing operational and fiscal efficiency. Advanced statistical analysis and input modeling may help management to develop a better understanding of target users. An internship with a data engineering team means learning to collect, file and store, process data, including managing a data retrieval system so that scientists can access both raw data and analytical results. Interns will assist with the creation of infrastructure that can process massive amounts of data that may be useful in creating fiscal and operational efficiency. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for jobs in computer science to expand by 13 percent in the decade starting 2016 up to 2026. These jobs will range from data management in cloud systems to information security and big data processing. A computer science internship will help establish a foothold and direction in a field that is evolving and that may provide employment opportunities in virtually every sector. Related Resources: