5 High-Paying Technology Jobs

High-Paying Technology Job

• Computer & Information Systems Manager

• Software Developers

• IT Manager

• Computer Network Architect

• Computer Hardware Engineer

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives and continues to find its way into every industry, and the result is the availability of many high-paying technology jobs. Even individuals who don’t feel they’re technology-minded are finding jobs that not only pay well but also offer room for growth and advancement. In an attempt to fit the need for the many technology jobs, colleges today are now offering degree programs to help students qualify for these jobs and improve their career options. Here are 5 high-paying technology jobs.

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1. Computer & Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers are an integral part of any large organization because they’re the ones in charge of keeping the company’ computer systems running smoothly and updated with the latest software. They analyze the organization’s short-term and long-term technology needs, consult with management regarding the company’s needs and install the appropriate software and hardware. They also oversee the computer’s network security, install upgrades and negotiate with computer software and hardware vendors. When the computer system has issues, usually the computer and information systems managers are called. This position usually requires a bachelor’s degree, but some companies may require a graduate degree.

2. Software Developers

Software developers are the highly-educated individuals who create software applications and programs that make things do what we want on computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. They are in charge of not only the functionality of the programs and apps but also the design. Any time a user clicks on a program on their smartphone or laptop, it’s a program that’s been created by a software developer. At least a bachelor’s degree is required to become a software developer. Software developers were ranked No. 1 among 100 Best Jobs, No. 1 in Best STEM Jobs and No. 1 in Best Technology Jobs by U.S. News & World Report.

3. IT Manager

Information technology (IT) managers are the professionals who plan, coordinate and oversee activities dealing with a company’s computer and information systems. Whether it’s software, hardware or an organization’s network, IT managers are there to install, maintain and ensure everything is running as smooth and efficient as possible. Large organizations have several IT workers on staff, and the IT manager oversees the entire IT team. IT managers analyze a company’s computer system, evaluate its technology needs, and advise management of their findings and if programs and projects are good buys for the company. IT managers must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

4. Computer Network Architect

Computer network architects have a wide range of responsibilities within a company. With the internet being a major part of our world today, these professionals are needed to design, build and maintain various communication networks. Whether it’s small intranets or large cloud infrastructures, you’ll find a computer network architect in charge of its operation. They also help an organization budget the design of the network and help manage the computer networking staff. They are always looking for ways to build larger networks with better upgrades. Computer network architects usually have at least a bachelor’s degree.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers are the highly-trained employees who research the computer needs of an organization and design, create and test computer systems as well as components such as memory devices, processors, routers, circuit boards, and networks. They also create computer equipment schematics of what is needed and design the appropriate hardware. They test the equipment, analyze the results and make any necessary adjustments. Computer hardware engineers also oversee the processing of new computer hardware. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position.

With the addition of STEM, more students are choosing degree programs that will prepare them for technology-based jobs because they know our world is heading in that direction. Technology jobs can be found in almost every industry, yet the majority of the high-paying technology jobs are computer jobs according to U.S. News & World Reports.