5 Great Podcasts About Computer Science

For those who are big on computer science, podcasts about computer science are an excellent way to stay current on all of today’s latest developments. Whether you are simply a hobbyist or a serious devotee to the area, there are podcasts out there that are curtailed to just your area of concern. Here are five, great podcasts about computer science that are sure to help anyone in this field.

Software Engineering Radio

Those with a specific interest in software engineering and design can find great value in this podcast devoted to the subject. Here, continuing, up-to-the-minute education is the openly-voiced goal of this podcast by Software Engineering Radio. Listeners can expect to learn about the newest in technology and method through in-depth breakdowns, interviews, current event analysis, and more. Since 2006, this popular podcast has been broadcast to the thirsty masses by its parent company, IEEE Software.

Security Now

The next spot in our list of great podcasts about computer science goes to Security Now. This podcast, co-hosted by TechTV’s own Leo Laporte provides listeners with an up-to-date rundown of all things related to computer security today. From important happenings to expert analysis and tips, this podcast gives the everyday user some great direction in security knowledge and practice. With visitors always privy to downloads of past episodes, this podcast continues on educating us at the rate of around one podcast per week.

Linux Action Show

Linux is a very popular form of open-source computer operating system. Just like in all other operating systems such as Mac or Windows, this programming has seen the rise of an entire, associated market and professional community. Linux Action Show is that community’s very best friend. It is an active podcast sharing all of the latest and greatest information on Linux and other related computer tech developments. A few of this podcast’s most recent posts have included topics such as the new release of Loki, Linux and the Microsoft Surface, and software-defined networking.


In addition to the aforementioned Security Now podcast, TechTV’s Leo Laporte also is involved in the hosting of Twit. This podcast on today’s computer science focuses specifically on Microsoft products. Xbox, Windows, the PC, tablets, Office, Bing, Surface, and now LinkedIn: it is safe to say that Microsoft product is everywhere. As ingrained into our world and culture as Microsoft technology has become, a podcast devoted to the company’s goings-on is quite appropriate. Current events, updates, security, and more are all discussed regularly at this podcast devoted to all things Microsoft.

Spark with Nora Young

Spark with Nora Young provides a great, all-around look at the computer science and tech-world developments of right now. Subjects covered can range greatly from artificial intelligence in vehicles to smart phone programming and the use of computer sciences in the financial industry. Young herself is an established tech guru, writer, journalist, and speaker that produces these valuable podcasts along with the help of experts Adam Killick, Michelle Parise, and Kent Hoffman.

Computer science is an important field to us all. Behind every electronic banking transaction, click of the mouse, and advent of new tech, computer science is there making it all possible. These five, great podcasts about computer science provide the perfect means for keeping up with it all.

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