5 Great Jobs in Game Science

Game science is a newer subject area within the computer science field, but those enrolled in one of these programs may want to consider some of the jobs in game science that are available today. This field of study looks at the science behind games and how players will play those games. Many of the top jobs are available from the top game development and software companies.

Mobile Gaming Specialist

One option for those interested in jobs in game science is a job as a mobile gaming specialist. While there are still millions of people who play games on consoles like the XBOX One or PS4, there are just as many people playing games on their mobile devices. As a mobile gaming specialist, you’re responsible for creating new game ideas and helping developers create games based around your ideas. These games may also be playable via social networking sites like Facebook and may feature social elements designed to help players work together.

QA Tester

QA testing is another aspect of game development. Also known as quality assurance testing, those working in this field are responsible for playing games and checking for bugs or other issues that will impact the way others play the game. Though you might picture yourself playing popular games before others get the chance, the job is more complicated than that. You may spend several weeks playing the same level or the same stage of a game over and over again. Once you finish your playing, you’ll need to create an extensive report that shows the issues you found.

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Gaming Programmer

Some of the more common jobs in game science are in programming. Gaming programmers are the ones who take the ideas that others had and turn those ideas into fully playable games. This often requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science with some experience in game design. Programmers must understand how players will think and feel about those games and the actions they’ll take when playing it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly wage for game programmers is around $79,000.

Gamer Artist

The next time you sit down to play your favorite game, pay attention to the backgrounds and other elements that you see in each level. Those elements add to the playing experience and help pull you into the game. Some of the professionals working in the gaming industry work as background artists. They are the ones who create the virtual world that you see on your screen. They render artifacts and objects that range from the weapons you use and vehicles you drive to the backgrounds found on each level and the buildings that surround the characters.

Marketing Specialist

If you have an interest in the way people feel about games, you might look for jobs in game science that involve working with the general public. One of those positions is a marketing specialist, which is someone who decides on the best way to market and advertise new games. You might meet with a focus group, let them play a sample level and then listen to their feedback before deciding what adjustments to make to that game. Marketing specialists also read online reviews to get ideas as to how to improve mobile games and what changes to make to new games in a franchise.

Gaming science is similar to computer science but focuses more on the creation and development of mobile and console games. Some of the jobs in game science you may apply for after going to college and gaining more experience include marketing specialist and gaming programmer.