5 Great Jobs in Cyber Security

For an exciting career, turn to jobs in cybersecurity. Military analysts estimate that the next wars will be fought partly in cyberspace, so this career field holds many options. Beyond military applications, the private sector continuously needs experts to help with encryption and software programs. For a rewarding, highly paid career, these cybersecurity jobs are some of the best available.


Beginning with the great minds of people like Alan Turing, cryptography has only grown in recent years. Instead of cracking the enigma machine, modern cryptographers help to encrypt and decrypt data, cipher texts and other security systems. Professional code breakers work to analyze weaknesses in algorithms and security systems. They solve security issues, prevent vulnerabilities and protect important information from being intercepted. With job openings in the private market and government agencies like the NSA, this career offers a variety of options for the ambitions cybersecurity expert. Mathematicians like cryptographers typically earn $102,440 per year, and the job growth is expected to be at 23 percent from 2012 to 2022.

Forensics Expert

In this field, individuals are engaged as detectives. They seek to find and analyze evidence from computers and networks. As a modern Sherlock Holmes, a forensics expert is expected to conduct security incident investigations, compile evidence for legal prosecution, create technical reports and provide testimony at court proceedings. The median wage for this field is $51,205.

Security Administrator

If you do not want to be a modern Sherlock Holmes or Alan Turing, a job as a security administrator may be right for you. In general, these individuals are responsible for troubleshooting, creating and administering security solutions. They must protect vulnerable systems and monitor network traffic. Although the job varies from company to company, individuals will need to be talented at configuring firewalls, patch management systems and anti-virus software. The average person in this field makes $73,678 annually, and the income range is from $62,956 to $88,429.

Security Consultant

Individuals in this field are contracted by companies to provide an outside opinion about security solutions. To succeed in this field, individuals must know about current security standards and authentication protocols. They must be able to look at the big picture and communicate their findings to the company’s executives. The average security consultant earns a median wage of $81,220. On average, the wage ranges from $46,000 to $147,000 annually.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Being a chief information security officer can be incredibly lucrative. The average person in this field garners an impressive wage of $131,322. On the lower side of CISO salaries, individuals make $81,000 per year. At the highest level of pay, they earn a jaw-dropping $240,000. A CISO is a management executive who is in charge of running the company’s computer security. They manage the staff members involve and ensure the best security architecture. To get this job, individuals must be talented and security architecture, possess a background in Internet technology and be talented at managing employees.


In addition to offering some of the best paying jobs available, cybersecurity is an engaging, stimulating field to take part in. The wide range of security problems will continuously keep you on your toes as you figure out a way to prevent attacks and bolster the system. From computer detective work to high-level management positions, cybersecurity offers a range of job options to suit your unique interests and skill set.

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