5 Great 2018 Conferences About Software Design

Software Design Conferences

  • Microsoft Build
  • OSCON (O’Reilly Open Source Convention)
  • QCon
  • GoTo Conference
  • Fluent

To stay on top of trends and see what tools and ideas will shape the future, conferences in software design are crucial to staying sharp. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry since the days of the floppy disk, all programmers know the technology industry is defined by rapid change and it’s hard to keep up if you never leave your desk. These five conferences on software design will help you make time for learning, networking, and inspiration in the world of software design.

1. Microsoft Build

Build is a massive conference that comes with a massive registration fee, but don’t let that scare you off. This software design conference features speakers and events involving the hottest platforms, including Windows, Microsoft 365, Xbox, Android and iOS. Not does entry give you a chance to preview upcoming apps, you’ll get hands on experiences with powerful design tools like Visual Studio and ASP.NET vNext. Attend networking events to get a leg up in the field, or just sample your way through the booths for the full picture of what’s hot and trending in the industry overall.

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2. OSCON (O’Reilly Open Source Convention)

Open Source has moved from being a fringe concept to a central force driving the business technology world. This convention focuses on meeting open source where it is today, at the core of complex systems in the workplace and looks for ways to keep the innovative edges that brought this method of design to the forefront. The sessions, therefore, are a mix of educational opportunities to problem solve and streamline existing issues and networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders and investors looking for the next big thing. Unlike some of the other software design conferences, this one will have plenty of sessions and speakers to inspire sys admins and software architects.

3. QCon

Held bi-annually in locations around the world, QCon emphasizes their practical focus. This conference welcomes team leads, directors, and project managers as much as the designers themselves, and sessions balance innovative ideas with less theoretical time to look at the process of early adoption and lowering barriers to new tech solutions for the average company. You can see the difference right away in their schedules, which feature sessions by engineers, management, and other practitioners who keep it real.

4. GoTo Conference

GoTo’s motto is “created by developers, for developers”, a vision you’ll see executed in the optional training days included in their schedule. Content skews highly technical, so it won’t be a good fit for someone just starting in the field or with a focus on software management. If you’re interested in really pushing your coding skills or spending time with the top developers in the field, the informal sessions offer a unique experience. Topics are chosen each year by developers in the field, so are always changing and always timely.

5. Fluent

For web designers using major platforms like Java, HTML5 and CSS, this software design conference offers practical training and product showcases. The session topics are geared around specific technology frameworks that help make the interfaces between web and apps more robust. The keynote speakers are always engaging and have featured both top names and behind the scene workers for a balanced perspective. If you work on or with a web design team and want to push your impact into the desktop and app platforms, this conference will offer you plenty.

Web development is a widely varied field and the industry conferences offer a wide variety of options to meet those needs. With registration and travel costs, most software designers will have to make smart choices about which conferences best meet their professional development needs. These five software design conferences are the top picks for each category and offer something for everyone.