5 Differences Between Macs And PCs

In the past, PCs were more popular than Macs because of the wider number of apps that were available only to PC users. Today, it is hard to find a Windows program that does not also exist on Mac. Since the two options have many of the same benefits when it comes to program availability, choosing between them is a matter of design preferences. These are the main differences.

1. Aesthetic Features

PCs are manufactured by a wide variety of companies. While some such as Dell put a lot of work into the exterior design and features of top-of-the-line business and gaming products, Macs are always designed well. From backlit keyboards to sleek and lightweight bodies, Macs are preferred by people who want a computer that is comfortable to use and has an attractive appearance. Apple spends years on both interior and exterior designs of its products.

2. Gaming Capabilities

For those who plan to use a computer mostly for gaming, a PC is a better choice. While not all PCs are optimal for gaming, some such as Alienware are especially designed for gamers. Windows machines are much easier to customize with memory, power and graphics. It would cost more than a new top-notch gaming PC to modify a Mac enough to compete. Also, many gamers prefer to use Linux when they are not gaming, and it is easy to do a dual installation of Linux and Windows operating systems on a PC.

3. Hardware Choices

Most people associate Microsoft with PCs and Apple with Macs. However, Microsoft only makes the software for PCs, and many different manufacturers actually make the computers. This means that consumers have a wide range of options when it comes to hardware. While some may prefer companies such as Dell or Asus for reliability and high-quality construction, others may prefer the consistent and budget-friendly designs of Lenovo or HP. With Mac, Apple designs the software and hardware, which means that options are more limited.

4. Customer Support

Customer support is a very important issue for people who do not have the capability to fix their own machine. Some people with less computer skills may find themselves calling for repairs frequently if they do not learn how to care for a computer. When a PC has problems, the buyer has to call tech support and possibly send the machine through the mail to be fixed or take it to a dealer in a nearby city. Since Apple has so many stores across the country, customers simply call and book an appointment to fix their computer. Plus, the repair is usually free if it is easy and quick.

5. Malware And Virus Safety

Most malware and viruses are designed to work on Windows operating systems. However, more hackers are designing programs to work on Mac computers today. One example was the famous “Lucky Cat” threat that allowed hackers to extract data manually from Mac users through an exploit of Microsoft Word. Apple’s latest operating system includes more security features. Although they are not completely safe, Macs are less likely to be targeted than PCs. Some repair techs suggest that PC users learn how to use Linux and install that instead of Windows to prevent viruses.

Aside from extravagant gaming machines, Macs also tend to cost more than most PCs. According to BT, the price comparison is based on the value of different components. When planning to become a computer repair specialist, it is good to know these differences to better educate customers about PC and Mac options.

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