5 Degrees That Can Lead to a Career as a Video Game Developer

career as video game developer

Degrees To Become A Video Game Developer

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Game Design
  • Art And Design
  • Visual Communications – Emphasis In Video Game Design

Have you ever wanted to a video game developer and wondered which degrees could help you land a career in the field? If so, know that you are one of the thousands of people just like you want to make video games; there’s even a 16-year-old who built his own company. Here are five of the best undergraduate degrees you can earn in order to get started on your dream.

Computer Science

Video game developing is first and foremost a computer science field; that’s why earning a bachelor’s in computer science can be of great use to you. The curriculum in this course will teach you everything you need to know the basics of computer science, including the fundamentals of programming. Many schools also require that you complete projects, such as mobile applications or even games, so that you can have a portfolio developed before you even leave university.

Computer Engineering

Video game developing requires more than just great art and design; the game needs to function properly in order for it to be allowed on the open market. This degree goes more into depth about computer programming and architecture than a computer science degree; it focuses on the design, integration, and maintenance of hardware, software, and network systems, all of which are integral to a video game’s success. You may also find that your school has electives that focus solely on video game design, but it’s important to remember that a general degree in this area will suffice for a job in this field.

Game Design

Developers in the video game field are also referred to as video game designers. If you can find a university or art school that offers this degree and this is your dream career, you should seriously consider applying. It’s a great degree because it offers you a well-rounded view of the art of making video games. You’ll learn about the game design process, development analysis, systems integration, and prototyping. These programs also generally require you to make your own video game prototypes as a capstone project for graduation, which you can then use as a sample for your portfolio.

Art And Design

It may seem like a strange addition to this list, but an undergraduate degree in art and design can be useful for you if you want to work in the video game field. An art and design program walks you through the entire process of designing a project, whether it be a painting or a video game, and can help you understand how integral each step is to the completion of a project. Additionally, several prestigious universities are also offering minors in video game development and design, making it even easier for you to get a handle on the basics of working in this field.

Visual Communications – Emphasis In Video Game Design

Many colleges and universities are beginning to understand that video games are a $6 billion industry and that more education is needed in order to help students become professionals in the field. That’s why undergraduate degrees in visual communications often come with an emphasis on video game design. This degree provides students with the opportunity to learn how multimedia tools work on various platforms, how mobile applications are made and maintained, and more; the emphasis also requires students learn industry-standard programming and various aspects of video game development.


Video games are a popular form of entertainment; it’s an industry that continues to grow with each passing year. It’s not necessary to earn a graduate degree for this career, but an undergraduate degree can help you find the structure you need in order to follow your dream. You can choose any of these five degrees that can lead to a career as a video game developer and by starting right now, you’ll be one step closer to your goal.

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