5 Degrees for Those Who Want to Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

degrees to fight human trafficking

Degrees Useful in Fighting Human Trafficking

  • Political Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Various Technology Degrees

Human trafficking is a devastating social epidemic across the globe. Many people are passionate about building their careers around putting an end to this horror for good. Here are five degree programs to pursue for those who want to join the fight against human trafficking.

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Political Science

If you find yourself writing and disseminating a lot of petitions against human trafficking, writing to your congressmen about the issue and encouraging others to do the same, and finding opportunities to engaging in heated discussions about the issue, your path toward fighting human trafficking might begin with a political science degree. This degree will inform you about procedures regarding the making and enforcement of laws and policies. with this degree, you can go on to write and implement policies and laws against human trafficking. Perhaps you will even become a politician with the fight against human trafficking as part of your platform.

Criminal Justice

Maybe you are must passionate about catching the perpetrators and enforcing the consequences of engaging in human trafficking. You might consider pursuing a criminal justice degree. This will prepare you for a career in law enforcement or the legal field. You could make a living prosecuting perpetrators, defending victims, or working in the special victims unit of a law enforcement agency. Visit the United States Department of Justice Human Trafficking page to learn more about the current state of the field and goals for the future.


Perhaps you are most intrigued by the psychological aspects of human trafficking. A degree in psychology opens doors to a wide variety of careers in which you can join the fight. You could become a researcher, investigating the psychological aspects behind how people end up becoming perpetrators and victims. You could become a therapist and spend your days supporting victims in healing from the traumas of their experiences. You could become an expert witness, offering professional testimony in human trafficking court cases. These are just a few of the possibilities that await you after earning a psychology degree.

Social Work

If you want to play a more active role in the lives of those affected by human trafficking, consider earning a degree in social work. Victims are often assigned social workers to assist and support them through the processes of ending the cycle of human trafficking and rebuilding their lives. You would walk them through the processes of finding housing, applying for school or jobs, and accessing counseling and other community resources. This is a tough but rewarding career path to take, and one that directly impacts the lives of those who have experienced human trafficking.

Various Tech Degrees

Are you a tech-savvy person who wants to join the battle against trafficking? If so, many career opportunities exist in tech fields. Due to the ubiquity of traffickers using online methods to sell their “commodities”, and communicate about transport, there is a great need for qualified people to participate in the tracking and online investigation of trafficking networks and criminals. Additionally, professionals skilled in Web Design are needed to build sites that provide resources for victims to escape their traffickers, and heal once they have safely exited their dangerous situation.


There is no one right way to join the fight against human trafficking. These five degrees each offer a unique way to become a piece in the puzzle of ridding society of this epidemic for good. All you need to do now is decide which is the best fit your skills and interests.

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