5 Conferences About Artificial Intelligence in 2017

Artificial intelligence conferences take place every year and welcome those with an interest in AI technology. These events let you hear from those doing research in the field and see some of their work for yourself. You may even have the chance to interact with AI technology in the form of a robot or a computer operating system. Some events require that you purchase your ticket in advance, but others will admit those who show up on the day of the conference.

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is a conference held every year. The 2017 event will take place in Melbourne, Australia on August 19-25, making it one of the longest of these conferences. You have until February 19 to submit your proposal to present at the conference. Events scheduled for the conference include robotics competitions, lunch with a fellow and a video competition. It will also include various workshops, lectures and discussions.

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco will welcome those with an interest in AI February 4-9 for the annual Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference. Those speaking and presenting at the event will include some of the top names in the field, including professors working in colleges and universities around the world. Tutorial forms, workshops and events just for students will take place over the first two days. The later days in the conference will include an awards presentation, game competition, video game conference, discussions on AI trends and robotics exhibits.

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Intelligence Systems Conference 2017

The Intelligence Systems Conference 2017, better known as IntelliSys 2017 is one of the most recognized conferences for artificial intelligence. Visitors from across the globe come together to talk about trends in the AI field and the newest products available. It will run from September 7-8 in London, England. It actually covers six different topics, including robotics, artificial intelligence and security. You can attend information sessions on new types of biometrics like retinal scanning, the neural networks found in artificial intelligence, interactions between humans and robots and augmented reality machines. It will also include discussions on building smarter cities.

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

Though some people know Fort Lauderdale as a popular spring break destination, it will welcome artificial intelligence fans from April 20-22 at the annual International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. The conference kicks off with a welcome session that thanks everyone from attending before hosting an awards ceremony. Guests can then attend oral sessions that let them hear from experts before discussing some of the topics they heard. The event also features several keynote speakers and presentations.

International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence

Taking place February 24-26 in Portugal, the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence conferences. The conference divides itself into a section on agents and a section on artificial intelligence. According to the official website of the conference, it will include four keynote speakers from Italy and other countries. Some of the talks and presentations you can attend cover subjects like user interfaces, reactive artificial intelligence, robotics, fuzzy systems and ambient intelligence.

Though many think of artificial intelligence in terms of robots and other machines, that type of technology can change the way humans use computers. Researchers will present papers at these topics that show how AI can enhance the experience that video game users have and improve online security. Depending on your interests, you may want to attend more than one of the top artificial intelligence conferences in 2017.