5 Computer Science Blogs for Students

computer science blogs for students

If students want to ensure that their computer science education is as well-rounded as possible, then a great deal of headway can be made by spending time looking into reliable computer science blogs. While the material in a computer science undergraduate course can be very dense, there is the risk of allowing one’s education to become too insular in terms of the source that it comes from. By reading blogs about computer science with alternative computer science articles, students can ensure that they have a more all-inclusive outlook on the subject as a whole. Not only will students be more capable of understanding some of the most complex topics about computer science in a more accurate way, but they’ll also be able to contribute more to the field in general simply by virtue of having learned from a wider pool of professionals than only those directing their academic programs.

The following are just a few examples of some of the best computer science blogs for students who want to read articles about computer science that go beyond what they are learning in their general curriculum.

Ernie’s 3D Pancakes

This blog was created and is independently run by Jeff Erickson, an experienced computer science professor with a penchant for computational theory. While a great deal of the material that Erickson covers is specifically computer science-centric in nature, students who have an interest in the more theoretical and geometrical aspects of computer science may be interested in digging deeper into Erickson’s material.

Jason Ernst’s Computer Science Blog

One of the most commonly referenced areas that computer science is related to in discussion is the mobile industry, and for good reason. The mobile industry is becoming more pervasive and significant by the day, and with this global mobile takeover, computational proficiency is more relevant than ever. This is one the best computer science blogs for students to more accurately interpret the bridge between effective computer science practices and everyday wireless solutions.

Oddhead Blog

Like Jeff Erickson, the author of this blog is a computer science professor who dabbles in alternative branches of computer science technology. This blog is specifically aimed at relating the fine details of computer science to everyday instances of probability, from simple bar bets to high-stakes casino gambling. Those who want to learn more about how computer science can apply to things that occur in our everyday experiences with chance will find this blog fascinating.

Haystack Blog

This blog was developed and is contributed to by the MIT CSail Research department, and its purpose is to provide readers with a wide range of computer science-oriented topics such as the Semantic Web and digital intelligence collection. This blog may be a good option for students who are interested in getting a more thorough look into niche areas of computer science that may only be given a cursory look in their standard curricula.

Blown to Bits Blog

Built upon a joint course offered by Harvard and MIT, this blog has become one of the most reputable resources for information about how the impact of computer science on the modern world has shaped people’s everyday lives. Though there may not be many people remaining in the First World who have yet to fully appreciate how significant the impact of digital technology has been, this blog aims to take a step beyond the surface-level understanding of the global digital overhaul and break it down into small, well-detailed pieces.

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