5 Computer Programming Specialties

computer programming specialties

Specialties in Computer Programming to Consider for a Degree Concentration

  • Computer Hardware Programmers
  • Software Coders
  • App Developers
  • Website Designers
  • Computer and Network Security

With so much technology in use today, a person may wonder, “What are the top five computer programming specialties?” A degree in computer programming usually involves selecting a concentration for classes in the area of study. Because computer programming is such a wide field, it is a good idea for a degree candidate to choose an area of focus for their studies and future career.

Computer Hardware Programmers

Hardware programming for computers involves writing the operational instructions that the system uses for all activities. People who work in this specialty may write instructions for the operating system. They may also create the instructions for the interactions between the human and the computer. This specialty also includes creating the instructions for everything that happens once the power button is pushed, including the startup and shut-down phases of functionality.

Software Coders

Software programming involves writing and testing all of the instructions for a piece of software. The people who work in this specialty of computer programming may write specific pieces of software, such as graphic design programs, word processing programs or tax software programs. The coders are also responsible for fixing bugs and issuing updates. If a vulnerability is identified in a piece of software, the programmers are responsible for addressing the threat. Many software programmers perform cross-functionality with writing operating systems, along with the hardware programmers.

App Developers

A majority of American consumers have a smartphone, and these devices are taking over when it comes to how people browse the internet. Most people with a smartphone use it for their online shopping, web browsing, communications and seeking of information. They also use their phones for entertainment, finding discounts, keeping track of their health and many other activities. App development is a newer and growing area of computer programming. App programmers write and test applications for use in the mobile environment. They may write apps for large corporations or write and release their own as the sole proprietor of the product.

5 Computer Programming Specialties

Website Designers

According to Small Business Chron, web development is another one of the five computer programming specialties to consider. Web development requires extensive knowledge of several coding languages, such as JavaScript, HTML or CSS. These languages are used to create scripts and functions that create the look and feel of a website. Even what appears to be a simple website may require a lot of work in the background. With small businesses trying to compete with big-box or corporate retailers, there is an increased need for computer programmers who are able to build eCommerce sites for smaller retailers.

Computer and Network Security

This type of computer programming involves identifying, repairing and testing vulnerabilities that present a security risk. The programmers who are in this specialty may conduct a vulnerability scan or create the codes for running the scans. They may also engage in cryptography and advanced forms of encryption techniques. When a breach happens, the programmers who specialize in computer and network security may do computational forensics and repair the damage. They may write reports that explain the breach and what was done in order to correct the problem.


Each of these computer programming specialties has the potential to develop a sub-specialty. Degree candidates should be willing to keep learning as technology and consumer expectations change. Each of these five computer programming specialties is in high demand.

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