5 Blogs About Internet Security

blogs about internet security

Blogs about internet security are fantastic tools of the social realm that help combat issues with internet security. No matter if you work for a massive, net-based corporation or simply use the internet for personal reasons, these blogs on internet security can be a valuable resource to you. Here are five blogs about internet security that are sure to keep you in the know on this important subject.

Krebs on Security

Krebs on Security is a very valuable and popular resource on up-to-date news in the realm of internet security. Posts are made to this blog daily, often several times per day. The topics are always directly related to current internet security issues. Some recent posts from this blog have covered topics such as critical software updates, the use of fraudulent online identities, and recent vDOS hacks.

The blog’s author is Brian Krebs. Krebs is a renowned expert in the field of internet and computer security. Interestingly enough, Krebs is a mostly self-taught guru in the field, having become fascinated and heavily involved after a series of computer hacks personally targeted him in 2001.

Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is one of the most well-known, independent experts in the field of cybersecurity. Having played starring roles at companies such as McAfee, Sophos, and others, Cluley went on to work for himself in a wide array of public information service roles. The Graham Cluley Blog is one such ongoing product of Cluley’s contributions here.

The blog itself provides a number of valuable posts daily. Recent topics such as phone-hacking, politicians in the online world, and the serious implications of the mobile botnet provide regular readers with a vast wealth of relevant news to consider. In addition, the blog is interactive, giving readers a chance to ask questions and get answers directly from the author.

Troy Hunt

The Troy Hunt blog on internet security is not a daily poster, but nonetheless, it garners quite the following. The author posts as much as possible throughout a very active, global, travel and speaking tour schedule. Hunt, the author is a Microsoft regional director and big name in the internet security business.

Hunt’s blog is quite valuable due to its deep insights into the world of internet crime and security. A world of experience and cutting-edge awareness is provided to the reader by each post here. The recent Dropbox hack and developments in SRI fraud prevention are examples of hot topics being broken-down at the site right now.

Security Affairs

Of these five important blogs about internet security, possibly the most interesting, and some say most credible insight is provided by the Security Affairs Blog. This is because the site’s author, Pierluigi Paganini is himself a hacker. Not a harmful hacker though, Paganini is considered an “ethical hacker”, or a hacker that tries to find security breaches solely for the purpose of public awareness.

The Security Affairs Blog thereafter provides Paganini’s valuable, insider views via regular, daily posts. This award-winning blog is organized into a number of key categories, making topic searches a breeze. In addition, the writer can be contacted directly from within.

Dark Reading

Finally, we take a look at Information Week’s blog, Dark Reading. This blog is of particular importance to those working in the cybersecurity world as well as IT. This is because it is specifically produced for this group.

In Dark Reading, readers are kept abreast of current events and their relation to internet security work. Readers are also readily able to search a number of well-categorized topics, seek more information on the authors, and more. This blog is a very popular resource for current professionals in the IT world particularly.

As the world’s dealings become more and more internet-based, the need for security knowledge grows. These five blogs provide exactly that resource. For more helpful and authoritative information, the United Sates Computer Emergency Readiness Team, or US-CERT is highly recommended as an additional compliment to anyone’s knowledge derived from such blogs about internet security.

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