50 Fortune 500 Companies Offering Computer Science Internships

Computer Science

By: CSDH Staff
March 2023

College graduates with degrees in computer science or IT face stiff competition for jobs. Computer science is one of the most popular majors. It is also one of the fastest-growing industries. How do you set yourself apart from your competition?

To get an edge on other tech majors, students turn to a computer science internship with leading tech companies. In this article, we list 50 Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships. These companies offer part-time, full-time, and summer internships for qualified students.

We came up with our list by selecting companies with high rankings on the Fortune 500 List. These companies also have strong internship programs. We gave preference to those with computer and IT branches. But we also included companies from a range of industries, such as:

  • Automotive technology
  • Energy and engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

We ranked companies according to their 2023 Fortune 500 ranking.

Walmart Stores
eCommerce Internship

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 1

The world’s largest retailer accepts interns in many areas of its corporate functions. You can find computer science internships and IT roles at Walmart in areas like:

  • Data analysis
  • Data science
  • Systems administration

Walmart accepts computer science students for eCommerce internships in Silicon Valley. Here they work on web-related functions like data analysis and search engine design. Many interns receive offers of employment, as Walmart likes to hire interns who do a good job.

Summer Internships and Co-Ops

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 3

Apple offers some of the best computer science internships. Apple interns in the United States enjoy the excitement of working with cutting-edge technology.

Interns from undergraduate and advanced computer science degree programs can accept summer or co-op experiences in corporate IT functions and hardware engineering. There are also software engineer roles. Corporate internships give students leadership experience. Interns work on major product launches. If you have an advanced degree, you can intern in global and strategy areas of business.

Exxon Mobil
U.S. Internship and Co-op Opportunities

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 6

Exxon Mobil is a multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas. The company offers many internships for computer science students.

In IT and computer science, students can take internship positions in anything from engineering to data science. As a data science intern, your focus is analytics. You also get experience with enterprise systems and global applications.

Exxon values their corporate internships, and the people they hire. Like many tech companies, Exxon hires students who intern with the company.

Berkshire Hathaway
IT Systems/Programming Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 7

Berkshire Hathaway is one of the best known names in American business. Headquartered in Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway owns companies like Geico, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, and Duracell. It also owns parts of companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Bank of America, and Apple.

Berkshire Hathaway offers many paid internship opportunities for students. Some of the best tech internships are in computer engineering and software engineer programs. You can also intern in a branch of computer science like programming. These interns spend their day writing code and working on other computer science projects.

Alphabet Inc. (Google)
Technical Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 8

The company that changed the way we use the internet (Google) looks for college students who can grow and improve its business. Computer science and engineering majors seek paid computer science internships. The best CS internships are in:

  • Computer programming
  • Product management
  • User experience positions

Google also has opportunities in its BOLD (Building Opportunities for Leadership & Development) program. This program is in underrepresented demographics in technical jobs. Students apply online. If chosen to interview, they show their coding experience over the phone and by using a white board. Google offers some of the paid computer science internships, but they are competitive.

Summer Healthcare Internships for Students

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 9

The McKesson Corporation offers internships for computer science majors. This U.S.-based company distributes pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, care management tools, and health information technology. It distributes one-third of all pharmaceuticals used in North America.

Because of its size, it has many computer science internships. Every summer, McKesson offers current students internship opportunities in many fields, including computer science. Internships start in June and run through mid-August. Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply.

Internship positions at McKesson include paid opportunities in cybersecurity and computer engineering. Interns also work in software engineering.

Technology Early Career Development Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 12

Cigna’s Technology Early Career Development Program (TECDP) offers summer interns challenging work different areas of computer science and business. Interns can take roles in:

  • Applications
  • Policy operations
  • Quality assurance

Students can match their interests to different available positions. Development opportunities for interns include an executive speaker series and panel discussions. They also get mentoring and networking. Preferred applicants will have a GPA of 3.2 or higher in computer science, MIS, information science, or related major. The company also prefers potential interns have work experience, programming competency, and extracurricular activities.

Technology Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 13

AT&T offers some of the best computer science internships. Students can intern in areas related to their major or degree. There are undergraduate and master’s degree related internships for computer science and engineering students. PhD candidates can intern in AT&T Labs, the company’s innovation laboratory.

Most computer science internships run between 10 and 12 weeks. They expose students to cutting-edge technology. For students interested in leadership roles, internships in senior management offices are available.

Hardware, Software, and Other Technical Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 14

Looking for a career as a software engineer? How about work writing code for major tech companies? Microsoft offers a computer science internship for everyone.

First- and second-year college students with an interest in a technical major can apply to the Explore Microsoft Program. This program introduces students to software development. More experienced students apply to intern on live projects in hardware engineering, software design, or user experience testing. Most computer science roles demand programming experience. Plan on having knowledge in:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Other programming languages

Microsoft offers some of the best software engineering internships out there.

IT Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 16

Chevron, the leading energy provider, is one of the best companies for computer science summer internships. It hires interns for IT functions in California, Texas, Gulf Coast, and many other locations.

Interns hone their skills in programming, consulting, analysis, and project management. The IT function supports business units through applications/database management and business analysis tools. They use applications such as SAP and Unix O/S. Candidates should have experience in computer science or IT. The company looks for students with degrees, such as a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, MIS, or a related field.

If you land a coveted internship at Chevron, plan on a possible employment opportunity after graduation. Chevron hires successful computer science students who have completed their internship programs.

Home Depot

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 17

Home Depot is America’s largest home improvement retailer. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company operates 70 distribution centers throughout the country. Its size lends to a large number of computer science internships in different fields.

You can take a computer science internship in cybersecurity or in software engineering. The company also offers data science internships for qualified students. There are also opportunities outside of computer science for those interested in:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Merchandising

Marathon Petroleum
Information Technology Internship/Co-Op

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 19

Computer science and IT interns at Marathon Petroleum, take positions in one of several offices in the Midwest or South. Positions fall under areas of business analysis, applications, infrastructure, and systems analysis. But the internship program is competitive.

Applicants must be a technology major in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. They should also have at least a 3.0 GPA. If selected, the experience includes mentoring and training opportunities. Both summer positions and year-round co-ops are available.

Verizon Communications
Verizon Internship Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 23

Verizon is a great company for a computer science internship. It hires qualified students for many different computer science paid internships.

Verizon aims to connect the world through mobile, machine-to-machine, and cloud storage. It relies on developers, architects, engineers, and analysts to reach these goals. It is the computer science interns who support these specialists.

The company offers internships in the summer or part-time internships during the academic year. Applicants must have completed at least one year of a bachelor’s or master’s program. To qualify for an internship program, you must also have a GPA of at least a 3.0.

There are many benefits interns at Verizon get. For starters, you can network with senior leaders. Your connections and internship experience can help improve your career search after graduation.

General Motors
EXCEL and TRACK Internship Programs

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 25

General Motors is a good company for a computer science internship. It looks for talent that will help create the next generation of automobiles.

GM’s college co-op and internship program is the EXCEL (Exploring Careers through Experiential Learning) program. It attracts undergraduates and graduate students with backgrounds in:

  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Information technology
  • Market research
  • Software engineering

The company also offers internships to qualified students in business with an IT focus. Students with an MBA and IT concentration can qualify for computer science internships at GM. Summer internships include experiences working with leadership.

Technical Operations Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 28

Based in Philadelphia, Comcast hires interns at its headquarters and in several other major cities. Technology and computer science students can qualify for undergraduate computer science internships. Areas where interns work include:

  • Analytics functions
  • Business operations
  • Technical operations

Computer science internships run 11 weeks. They include mentoring, training and development, and networking opportunities.

Interns get hired through campus recruiting programs and direct applications. Most applicants are in their second and third year of a bachelor’s degree. Like most tech companies, Comcast hires computer science majors and those studying information technology. But there are also internships in everything from project management to software development.

Valero Energy
Information Services Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 30

Valero Energy is a refiner of products like gasoline, jet fuel, asphalt, and polymers. It offers internships for computer science majors. The computer science internship programs are competitive. Applicants must complete 60 credit hours at a four-year accredited university with at least a 3.0 GPA.

The company hires information services interns to perform projects related to enterprise architecture and change management. Interns also work on infrastructure and production projects.

Qualified interns can get relocation help, among other benefits. They also receive training and development, a mentor program, social and volunteer events, and an intern symposium.

Dell Summer Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 31

Technology is at the heart of everything that Dell provides, from PCs to servers to cloud management. That’s why Dell offers a competitive computer science internship program for qualified students.

Top applicants from undergraduate and graduate programs get picked for many different opportunities. Some of the best computer science internships at Dell run 10 to 12 weeks and include challenging real-world projects. Interns work with managers on unique projects. They get experience in project management and leadership. The program ends with a presentation to executives.

During the internship, interns receive support from managers, mentors, and peers. They take part in community service events and improve their networking skills.

Technology Leadership Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 32

Target offers an internship for computer science students and those with technology backgrounds. During the summer, the company hires interns in many different areas.

There is a software engineering internship and an operations manager internship, among others. The internships span 8-10 weeks from June to August. Target also hires technology majors in supply chain management (logistics and operations), buying and planning (business analysis), and store management.

If you are a computer science major or want to become a Target software engineer intern, applications open in the fall.

Specialized College Programs – Information Technology

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 40

Humana is the third largest health insurance provider in the nation. It hires information technology interns through its Specialized College Programs. Interns work in groups and teams on real-world projects such as developing an application. The company looks for students with experience writing code and working with different programming languages.

Interns get to network with top management. Part-time opportunities are also available, and many internship opportunities can turn into full-time employment.

IRISE Software Engineering Internship

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 46

Intel is one of the top tech companies in the world. It offers many different computer science internship programs for qualified students.

To become part of IRISE, Intel’s Early Internship for Software Engineering, you must be a first- or second-year computer science major with at least a 3.0 GPA. The computer science major who gets chosen to intern works on unique projects found in tech companies. These real-world projects include solving complex mathematical models, working with programming languages, and optimizing code.

Advantages of IRISE internships include executive networking, professional development through Intel University, and experience with the latest and greatest hardware and software. Intel is one of the top technology companies for a data science intern, a software engineer intern, or a computer science major.

General Electric
Information Technology Leadership Program Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 48

With business units ranging from light bulbs to jet engines and x-ray machines, GE has no shortage of exciting opportunities for information technology and software engineering interns.

Internship and co-op positions are available across all business units. GE offers internships in areas like:

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center
  • Global Software Center
  • Information Security Technology Center

Extreme Blue Technical Leadership Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 49

IBM’s long-standing internship program, Extreme Blue, is known across the globe. Interns form teams of technical and business skills throughout 15 labs across the world. Teams develop business plans for new technologies. They also develop open source code and create client solutions.

Technical applicants need experience in programming languages like JavaTM, Python, or C. MBA candidates do not need programming knowledge but should have business experience. Each computer science internship runs for 12 weeks.

Raytheon Technologies
Information Technology Leadership Development Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 58

Raytheon offers internships to help develop future talent in defense technology. Internships are full-time or part-time, in the spring, summer, or fall. Most internships are in information technology. They cover a range of tasks, such as:

  • Computer engineering
  • Project management
  • Security testing
  • Software engineering
  • Systems architecture

For a computer science internship, you need a technology degree and at least a 3.0 GPA.

IT, Data Science, & Analytics Intern Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 60

Boeing matches interns with jobs that best fit their interests and skills. There are many different IT opportunities in areas covering security, architecture, network design, project management, and more.

The company offers internships in IT and data analytics. The experience includes site tours, networking, training and mentoring, and community involvement. Applicants must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree.

Morgan Stanley
Industrial Placement Technology Internship

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 61

Morgan Stanley’s worldwide financial business relies on cutting-edge technology. It hires interns every summer. Its Technology Summer Analysts (ISAs) spend 10 to 14 weeks supporting functions in a development team, an infrastructure team, or a business analyst team. Successful applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Industrial Placement is an alternative internship option in London and Glasgow with a 52-week duration. It is competitive, as most internships with financial and tech companies.


Information Research Internship Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 64

Dow operates technology and innovation in solving major world challenges like energy, infrastructure, and agriculture. Students studying computer science or various engineering fields can apply for a co-op or internship in Dow Chemical’s Information Research group.

This group serves the R&D function and tackles projects such as robotics, high performance computing, and automating lab equipment. Successful interns get considered for full-time employment after graduation.

Technology Leadership Development Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 66

Technology supports every aspect of Allstate’s insurance business, from policy sales and actuarial analysis to claims adjustment and customer service. Applicants with top grades in computer science can qualify for many internship positions throughout all Allstate business units.

Successful interns get considered for return summers or full-time employment. Potential benefits of an Allstate internship include a housing stipend, executive networking events, and opportunities for community service.

Publix Super Markets
Information Technology Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 76

Publix is a FORTUNE’s Best Company to Work For. It hires summer inters for many different positions.

The intern program features performance evaluations, exposure to top management, and social and service events. Interns in the Information Services group support Publix locations by managing proprietary applications and infrastructure to connect stores, plants, and distribution centers. They also provide EFT and customer service support.

For students with an IT background, there is a software engineering internship, data science, and technology internship opportunities.

University Relations Programs

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 80

Nationwide Insurance provides millions of policies to personal and commercial policyholders. The company offers summer internships in information technology to expose students to challenging projects that can lead to full-time employment.

Benefits of the technology and computer science internships include learning and development, networking, community service, and a customized intern orientation.

John Deere
Information Technology Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 84

John Deere offers information technology internships in many different areas. IT interns can work with project managers, server administrators, or systems analysts. They help solve problems and tackle real-world projects that Deere team members are working on.

The typical internship spans 13 weeks in the summer, but other options are possible. Ideal applicants are second- and third-year college students. But there are also opportunities for graduate students in a computer science or engineering focus.

Product Development Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 91

From cloud computing to database management, Oracle offers a variety of products for business customers. To support their offerings, the company offers data science internships and a software engineering internship.

Computer science and engineering majors should apply. Interns work on real Oracle products with experienced developers. They get opportunities to network with executive management and other interns. Oracle reviews summer intern applications starting in January. A software engineering internship can lead to future employment with Oracle or other technology companies.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Information Technology Leadership Development Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 92

Thermo Fisher Scientific dedicates itself to making the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. It offers IT related internships related to its sales of lab equipment, analytical instruments, and lab support services.

Most internships are in California. They range from web development to software R&D and business analysis. There are some computer engineering internships that demand technology skills and programming knowledge.

World Fuel Services
Fast-Track IT Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 111

World Fuel Services is a global leader in transportation fuel services. It provides these services for travel by air, sea, and land, with offices serving 200 countries. Because of its size, it hires interns in many different areas.

First year MBA students with experience in technology, operations, or finance can apply for the Accelerated Management Program (AMP) internship on the B2B Technology Solutions track. Interns help with the company’s billing and payment subsidiary. They also help the technology solutions center.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
IT Students and Graduates Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 123

At HPE, interns support a company dedicated to transformational technology that changes the way people live and work. IT interns work in a support function. Some jobs are software-focused. Others involve broader support in areas like:

  • Data analysis
  • Project management
  • Server administration

R&D interns come from engineering programs or an engineering related major. They support new product launches or future technology exploration. Hired interns move into specific roles that relate to their educational background. To be hired, you must complete your third year of studies in a technical or engineering program.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Information Technology Summer Internship Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 135

Occidental Petroleum Corporation is one of the nation’s largest oil and gas exploration and production companies. It offers summer internships to qualified students in areas like engineering and technology.

Internships last 12 to 14 weeks. To qualify, students must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Students need experience in IT, information science, or computer science to get assignments in applications development or infrastructure implementation. There are also internship positions in the Information Technology Audit group. Applicants need a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Visa Intern Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 147

Visa offers internship roles for technology students interested in how commerce works. Technology jobs at Visa focus on a wide range of fields. These include QA, systems analysis, Java programming, web engineering, and cybersecurity. Students interested in becoming software engineers or computer programming work should apply.

Internships last for 10 to 12 weeks. They include executive exposure and networking opportunities. Students exploring careers can take advantage of the many benefits the company offers during the internship experience.

Applied Materials
University Recruiting Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 156

Applied Materials is a leader in the semiconductor and display technology markets. Technology is the backbone of the organization. It offers computer science internships for students majoring in computer science or engineering.

Internship roles allow students to work alongside mentors. They can work with a software engineer or an information systems engineer. They can also work with a field process engineer. They get real-world experience working on projects. Students also enjoy benefits packages and executive exposure. They get social and networking events and career development.

Altria Group
Summer Internship Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 165

Altria owns three of the nation’s largest tobacco companies, including Philip Morris. It also owns Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. All companies hire interns for rising seniors and master’s degree program graduates.

But to qualify for one of the many internships in everything from computer programming to engineering, you must be a strong student. You need at least a 3.0 GPA.

Internships offer challenging projects and professional development. You get flexible work schedules and a housing allowance for non-local students. You also get considered for full-time employment after your time as an intern ends.

Texas Instruments
Software Engineer Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 198

Texas Instruments hires computer science majors and IT students as interns. These interns work with the company’s technology alongside software engineers, systems engineers, and other engineers. Interns work on interesting projects and tackle complex problems while mentored by senior leaders.

The company seeks top talent from leading colleges and universities. You need skills in computer science and engineering. Some interns have a background writing code using various programming languages. Others have experience in data science or software development.

Western Digital
RAMP Internship Program

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 217

Western Digital competes in the world of digital storage. The company hires interns to help work with internal computer drives, external drives, cloud storage, and media players.

Interns at WD work in groundbreaking labs with the latest equipment. The company hires computer engineers, electrical engineers, and computer science majors for roles in software development, validation, and applications compatibility. Most internships are in Irvine, CA, Northern California, and Colorado.

Oneok Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 224

Oneok is one of the country’s largest energy companies. It gathers, processes, and transports natural gas. Because of its size and work, it hires interns to assist with projects.

Undergraduate and graduate students with a 3.0 in an MIS, computer science, or related major can apply starting in the fall for summer internships. Most IT internships are in Tulsa, Oklahoma. IT interns do many different projects within the company. They work in software development and manage existing technologies. They also code, test, and deploy applications. The experience gained helps students plan their future career in computer science.

Global Summer Internship Program

A logo of Fiserv for our ranking of Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 227

Fiserv offers students an opportunity to kick start their careers with experience and professional development. The company hires interns in technology and software development.

Interns enjoy ten weeks in a fast-paced environment working alongside senior leaders and project managers. They get career coaching and guidance. They also learn many professional skills they can take with them into the workplace after they complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree. IT interns can work in one of many IT-related areas, such as:

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Security analyst

Bank of New York Mellon
Summer Internship Program

A logo of BNY Mellon for our ranking of Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 229

Bank of New York Mellon offers a Summer Internship Program for qualified students. Interns gain exposure to the financial services industry by working on BNY Mellon projects.

Internships run 10 weeks in India, the U.S., and other locations. Students with strong oral and written communication skills and demonstrated leadership abilities can qualify for a position. You must also have at least a 3.0 GPA. Selected interns work in teams in areas like investment management, operations, and technology.

Student Careers and Internships

A logo of Regeneron for our article on Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 231

Regeneron offers internships for motivated students. Internships bring together science education and professional development. Technology students can put their education to work by helping make a difference in the world of science.

Summer internships provide experiential learning. Students work alongside experts, gaining skills and learning new techniques. You can work in different areas of the organization, from business and project management to applications management. Successful interns get offers of full-time employment.

Land O’Lakes
Student Programs and Internships

50 Fortune 500 Companies Offering Computer Science Internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 232

Based in Twin Cities, Land O’Lakes offers many different internships for qualified undergraduate students. For those with experience in information technology, computer science internships are available in areas like:

  • Cyber security and risk management
  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • IT transformation

IT interns gain experience in portfolio management, software configuration, and vendor management. Many interns get called back with employment offerings.

Internship Program

A logo of Cheniere for our ranking of Fortune 500 Companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 233

Cheniere offers paid summer internships for college students. For 12 weeks, interns become valuable assets in the company. They help create an impact in the energy industry.

Interns gain marketable skills that serve them well in future employment. They get to work in areas like engineering, IT, and operations. They receive more than experience and mentorship. Interns get exposure to culture, community service, and a sense of accomplishment. Many IT and computer science majors who intern at Cheniere receive employment offerings.


Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 235

A logo of Adobe for our ranking of Fortune 500 Companies offering Computer Science internships

Every year, the Adobe Research Team hires interns with experience in computer science and electrical engineering. They help innovate new technologies and ideas. The company values their interns, and seeks talented students to bring in to the company’s labs.

While most interns are PhD students, few undergraduate offerings are available. Interns work on meaningful projects. They get experience working alongside mentors and leaders. When they leave, they gain new skills that are valuable to any employer.

DTE Energy
University Talent

A logo of DTE Energy for our ranking of Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 239

DTE Energy looks for talented students to intern in different areas of the company. Computer science majors can accept internships in computer science. They can also get internships in data science and information technology. They can also work in other areas of business and strategy.

To be eligible for an internship position, you must have at least a 2.5 GPA and present an official transcript. You should also have a clean driving record. Interns receive hands-on, real-world experiences they can use to enrich their studies and prepare for a career in energy. Some interns at DTE receive offers of employment.

A logo of Halliburton for our ranking of Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 241

At Halliburton, the company treats interns as assets to the company. They value what the interns offer. Because of how the company views their interns, they pride themselves in giving back.

Interns receive mentorship along with many other benefits, from coaching to experience. Interns also get hands-on, real-world experience as they work on projects that prepare them for the next step in their career. The interns also get to make strong connections with industry leaders. And many of them get hired on full-time after graduation.

Lam Research
Internship Program

A logo of Lam Research for our ranking of Fortune 500 companies offering computer science internships

Company’s 2023 Fortune 500 Ranking: 250

Lam Research hires students to intern in different areas of the company. Current college and university students receive opportunities to work in software engineering. They can also work in areas of technology and business.

Lam hires interns to work on projects. Interns receive engineering and technology training. They also get experience working alongside leaders, researchers, and mentors. The College Graduate Rotation Program exposes new engineers to different areas of the company. Many interns enter this program after finishing their summer appointment.

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