Will a Degree in Computer Science Prepare You to Become an App Developer?

will-a-degree-in-computer-science-prepare-you-to-become-an-app-developerStudents interested in becoming an app developer have different academic options available. This is because there are no mobile app industry standard rules that require a specific degree or certification. However, a computer science will definitely lay the foundation for a successful career as an app developer.

How Will a Computer Science Degree Help?

A computer science degree will cover fundamental topics related to math, software, networks, programming, databases and software engineering. For instance, a basic computer science class will teach the student about basic algorithms, hardware and applications. An introductory programming class will introduce programming-based problem solving through basic languages, such as Python. Math classes will cover linear algebra, calculus for engineers and data analysis, which will include an introduction to probability and statistics.

The advanced coursework will directly benefit an aspiring app developer. For example, students will learn object orientated programming in C++ and thus be exposed to polymorphism, interface relationships and standard template libraries. Students will also study algorithm design and analysis. As a result, they will understand string, graph and geometric algorithms. Modern computer science degrees will include classes on web, mobile and cloud software development. Because these last few classes are the most beneficial, students should consider specializing their computer science degree in app development.

A Degree in Mobile Development

Mobile devices are becoming integrated into every aspect of life, business and entertainment. As the demand for sophisticated games and applications grows, colleges are now offering specialized degrees related to mobile app development. These programs will explore the complete mobile app development cycle, starting with pre-production and ending with deployment. Basic courses will touch on popular mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android and cover basic mobile design principles. Students will learn industry standard programming languages, such as PHP, XHTML and JavaScript, to create various apps, such as those for education, business and multimedia.

Advanced coursework may include classes such as the psychology of play, the mobile user experience and app development project management. Students will be exposed to emerging interface design, visual frameworks and scalable data infrastructure. Students will take a number of classes on integrated product development and mobile development frameworks. They may be classes on 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and video game design. Finally, there will be classes about interactive art, creative presentation and English composition. Clearly, a specialized degree in mobile development is an excellent academic choice for students who are interested in becoming an app developer.

An Attractive Alternative

Students who already who are tech savvy or have a background in computer science or software development may simply want to obtain a certification and start working right away. The Advanced Training Consultants (ATC) Android Certified Application Developer is one of the most popular certifications for Android programmer. The ATC offers the AND-401 exam through worldwide Pearson VUE testing centers. Additionally, the Oracle Java ME Mobile Application Developer certification is a secondary option, but students must first have previously obtained the Java Programmer or Oracle Certified Professional credential. Other credentials include the MCSD: Windows Store Apps and the GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB) certification.

Bear in mind that students who skip a degree program must have demonstrable mobile app development skills, such as knowing how to create a user interface and apply analytical skills to determine the users’ needs. It is highly recommended that students interested in becoming an app developer pursue a formal education, such as a degree in computer science.