What Tech Degrees Offer the Highest ROI?

tech degree with highest roi

Tech careers are generally high-paying and in demand, meaning many tech degrees offer the highest ROI. Even associate’s degrees in tech can lead to very lucrative careers. There are a number of angles from which students can approach their tech schooling and come out with a well-paying career upon graduation. Here are some of the tech degrees that offer the highest ROI.

Information Technology (IT)

Information technology degrees prepare students to manage the technology organizations use in their everyday operations. IT degree holders can find work as IT support personnel and administrators as well as information security analysts, computer network architects, and database administrators. Many of these careers can earn up to and over $100,000 annually. Students wishing to go into IT should cultivate the skill of being able to discuss technical topics with non-technical people, as IT professionals usually serve as the liaison between an organization’s members and leaders and their technology. This is a role for tech-oriented individuals who also enjoy working with people, as IT professionals rarely work in isolation.

Computer Science

A computer science degree opens up a lot of options for high-paying careers revolving around computers. Computer hardware and software are so prevalent in the modern world that professionals are needed to manage all aspects of them. Computer science is a general degree that teaches all basic aspects of working with computers and can be applied to many different positions. Some of the most lucrative options include software developers, programmers, and web developers. Holders of this degree can even become computer scientists, who work to develop new computer technologies for use in every field. Computer scientists who perform advanced scientific research into computers and their use often possess a doctoral degree in this subject.

Computer Engineering

Engineering degrees in all fields tend to have the highest ROI of all college major choices, so it should come as no surprise that computer engineering is included in which tech degrees offer the highest ROI. This technological discipline integrates mechanical and electrical engineering with computer science. Computer engineers use this knowledge to build computer hardware such as circuit boards, processors, networks, hard drives, memory chips, and routers. They can also design devices to be used with computers such as printers, scanners, monitors, mice, keyboards and gaming controllers. Integrating these devices together can be tricky and requires a significant understanding of both computer systems and electrical engineering.

Multimedia and Graphic Design

For students interested in tech but also have a strong creative side, working in multimedia and graphic design are excellent choices. Investopedia confirms the earning potential of these fields: $50,781 is the average starting salary. Multimedia artists can work in film, TV, video game development and advertising. They create drawings and animation to be used in those mediums. Graphic designers create and arrange work from images, fonts, and other elements to attractively present an idea to people, usually consumers. Both roles benefit from having a strong portfolio of work that they can show to clients and employers, showcasing their abilities. Because almost all of their work is done on computers and other devices, both professions need to have impeccable tech skills.


Most tech degrees offer students the potential to enjoy long, successful careers while earning high salaries. This is true for holders of anything from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees. These tech degrees offer the highest ROI.

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