What Tech Degree is Most Useful for Fighting Human Trafficking?

degree to stop human trafficking

Human trafficking is a phrase which has gained a great deal of media attention but one that is sometimes misunderstood. Some people believe human trafficking is restricted to illegal sex parlors but it actually goes far beyond that. While there is certainly an element of sexual coercion involved in some types of human trafficking, it also encompasses all sorts of forced labor, involving men, women, and even children.

Individuals looking to make a difference and who want to fight human trafficking can actually use their college degrees to combat this worldwide crime. While there are universities that actually offer Master’s programs dealing with International Human Rights, there are a number of other degrees that can also be useful in helping to put an end to human trafficking, ranging from technology to law to social services.

Types of Human Trafficking

As mentioned earlier, many individuals believe human trafficking to be restricted simply to sex workers. This is definitely not the case. According to the Department of Homeland Security, human trafficking can be found in cities and rural areas and the suburbs and it involves far more than simply sex workers. It involves forced labor in foreign countries and it involves domestic servitude on domestic shores. Anyone can be a victim, regardless of age or sex or race.


Thanks to constantly improving technology, organizations dedicated to stopping human trafficking are able to actually identify, target, and disrupt various platforms of exploitation, especially when it comes to putting a stop to child sexual exploitation. An article in Forbes described how technological advances give law enforcement agencies the ability to identify illicit activity, as well as find and rescue victims of human trafficking.

A Master’s degree in Computer Programming would be a worthwhile asset when it comes to creating programs and developing algorithms designed to spot potential areas where human trafficking might be taking place.

Legal Degrees

Human trafficking can only be stopped when the law steps in and when definitive steps are taken to eradicate the problem. To that end, individuals with law degrees focused on social work can provide invaluable assistance to agencies and organizations looking to end human trafficking. Since many of the human trafficking takes place outside of the United States, having a degree in international law can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of those fighting the criminals behind trafficking.

Social Sciences Degrees

One of the strongest areas of positive change dealing with human trafficking is found in those who have degrees as social workers. Social workers are the individuals who take on the enormous responsibility of helping the victims of human trafficking find their way back into some semblance of a normal life.

Human trafficking is an inhumane and horrific criminal industry that takes away freedom from nearly 25 million people worldwide. It is only when individuals and organizations face and fight the problem head-on that change can take place and might eventually put an end to this abominable practice.

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