What Law Enforcement Agencies Employ Cyber Security Experts?

law enforcement cyber security

Nearly every law-enforcement agency in the U.S., uses cyber analytic security in one form or another which opens plenty of employment opportunities everywhere. The Age of Information brought new pitfalls for the everyday consumer. Identity theft, cyber fraud, system breaches, and home security are just a few examples of what visits individuals every day—and national safety, as well as industrial security, are even more significant targets for those who wish to disrupt a community/state.

Why Does Law Enforcement Need Cyber Analytic Security Employees?

One of the spinoffs of law enforcement is the report that becomes a part of a person’s record. Before the advent of cyber storage, those records were warehoused in physical format at remote locations maintained by the law enforcement department those records concerned. If a crime were committed in another state, someone would send a request for any files stored away in an area of former residency. Interdepartmental cooperation often took days or weeks to produce any previous records the person of interest may have generated. The computer gradually brought a halt to that information pinch-point as documents were scanned and stored in databases. However, those databases proved vulnerable to professional hackers, no matter how many pre-formed firewalls were installed. That example carried on to important parts of national security. National law enforcement also built databases on domestic criminals, International criminals, and terrorist organizations. To ward off hacker penetration of the databases, government-hired rooms full of cybersecurity experts to develop and maintain database security.

What Types of Cyber Analytic Security Are Used By Law Enforcement?

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the most common form of cyber security analysis used by law enforcement is to contract with a specialist business corporation to provide a secure database environment. Most small-town law enforcement departments do not have the means to hire a group of specialists for cybersecurity. Thus, the practice of hiring specialty firms that share the cost with corporations protecting their information as well becomes a viable alternative. For the largest cities—New York, Los Angeles, Chicago—the answer is to augment the specialty companies that deal with cybersecurity with their own staff of experts to oversee the interests of the city. At the national level of law enforcement, whole departments deal with the protection of the nation’s cyberspace.

What Employment Opportunities in Law Enforcement Are Available For the Cyber Security Expert?

Though there are immense opportunities to become a part of a specialist company that deals with cybersecurity, the specialists usually find themselves more involved with corporate security than that of local law enforcement. For those who wish to seek employment in the area of cybersecurity that only deals with law enforcement, there are plenty of opportunities in large city government and state and national government levels. The recent hacking of critical national infrastructure and voting platforms has served to intensify the local and national efforts to prevent foreign intervention in any part of the U.S.

Where Are These Jobs Available?

Every government agency that deals with security use cybersecurity experts: FBI, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, NSA, CIA, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office are just a few of those national agencies that hire hundreds of cybersecurity experts every year. The increase in hacker activity at the national level revealed formerly undiscovered local hacking trails. As a result, local law enforcement departments have insisted on beefed-up cybersecurity from their contractors bringing more experts into employment for law enforcement purposes.

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