What is Web Graphic Design Programming?

A person who is considering a degree in website design, graphic design or computer programming may wonder, “What is web graphic design programming?” Graphic designers do not actually program computer or software instructions, so the name is a bit misleading. Graphic designers may create the visual graphics for use on a website, which is different from what website designers do in their everyday jobs.

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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design refers to creating graphics for use in print or online. Graphic designers may create typography, images, logos or graphics. Those images or graphics are used to communicate an idea. A person who is specifically a graphic designer will not do any computer programming. However, they do have to be familiar with the types of software used in digital graphic designs.

What is Web Graphic Design Programming

What is Web Design?

Web design refers to writing the instructions that create the user interface of a website. This might involve writing in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP or other languages. Web designers use those languages to create everything that is seen on the site, from the tabs and clickable boxes to the drop-down menus and rotating logos. They have to keep in mind attributes about every element of the page, including size, color, and resolution. The web designers have to ensure that everything they create will display the same way in the mobile environment as it does on a desktop or laptop computer monitor. Some web designers specialize in the user experience or the user interface. These are important design specialties because websites and their graphics are interactive, but printed graphics are not.

Differences Between Graphic Designers and Web Designers

A graphic designer uses more artistic skills in their work. A business or individual seeking an eye-catching logo, typeface or design for use in print and online would do well to choose a graphic designer. Web designers use more computer programming in their work. They use those computer programs to create graphics for online use only. A business looking for a dynamic website design would do well to choose a website designer who can code in different languages and who is adept at designing dynamic and responsive website layouts. Both graphic designers and web designers have a lot of overlap, but only graphic designers create materials for print.

What Web Graphic Design Programmers Do Every Day

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers spend most of their time creating graphics for use online or in printed forms. Those who are web designers with a graphics focus may spend the majority of their time writing code and testing it in different browsers or operating environments. They may add dynamic features and see how well they play with other features on a website. The web designers who program graphics may also spend some time meeting with their clients.


Understanding what web graphic design programming is could help a person select the best college major or concentration for their skills and talents. Knowing what a graphic designer does versus what a web designer does could also make it easier to choose a major or apply for suitable jobs. Knowing the answer to, “What is web graphic design programming?” is a good first step when a person is ready to plan their college classes or first job after graduation.

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