What is the Employment Outlook for Software Developers?

employment outlook for software developers

Anyone who is interested in programming, problem-solving, and mathematics may want to know more about the employment outlook for software developers. Knowing how to design and code computer software is a rewarding and lucrative skill to have, especially as employment in this field continues to increase. While many types of professions are projected to shrink with the rise of automation, many skilled programmers and engineers will be needed to design and maintain artificial intelligence software and conduct research in this domain.

Employment Opportunities for Programmers

Software design is one of the fastest-growing industries in the economy, and there are jobs for people of all skill levels in this profession. From website design to AI research, the employment opportunities for computer science graduates are abundant, prestigious, and well-compensated. Depending on how adept at mathematics and problem solving a computer science graduate is, the potential earnings for this profession can range from $55,000 to more than $100,000 per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As technology develops over the coming decades, high-level programming jobs will become more accessible to job seekers. The future of programming is AI design, and most other jobs in the economy, including current programming jobs, will be automated. No one really knows how the coming technological revolution will affect the economy, but many analysts predict that more than half of the jobs in the economy will be lost. The good news for programmers is that their jobs will be safe, as long as they become familiar with AI programming practices.

Preparing for a Career in Software Design

Enrollment in computer science programs in universities has increased over the last 15 years or so since the so-called Dotcom bubble burst and caused a brief dip in interest in programming careers. The reality is that higher enrollment in university computer science programs means that courses are easier to pass for most people. As interest in this field rises, an increasing number of students will be able to pass exams that are graded on a curve.

Obtaining a computer science degree won’t be enough to secure a lucrative career as a software developer. High-paying jobs will go to applicants who can demonstrate a mastery of the subject. During the interview process, applicants typically have to pass exams based on the material they were supposed to have learned in college. This process weeds out the vast majority of job seekers who are unable to answer the questions accurately. These tests are usually quite similar to a final exam in a data structures and algorithms course, and they contain problems involving the conversion of looping algorithms to recursive form as well as other types of problems related to number conversion and specific programming languages.

Most students don’t have the all-consuming interest in computer science required for a top-level career in software engineering, but many other options are open to applicants with a more casual interest in programming. Job openings in Web and mobile design are projected to increase more quickly than average over the next 10 years.


Computer science is a fascinating and highly technical subject that requires a great deal of study and practice to master. The employment outlook for software developers is looking better than ever, and many jobs are available for applicants with various interests and skill levels.

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