What is SEO Writing?

seo writing

SEO writing is a specific form of copywriting that aims to draw in as much traffic to a site from the search engines as possible. It utilizes certain techniques to do this and requires writers to be familiar with this type of digital writing. The following is an overview of the various aspects of writing for SEO.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website and its content so it appears high in search rankings. This is a critically important way for almost all businesses that have a digital presence to improve discoverability. SEO writing is simply the practice of drafting written content for the purposes of appealing to search engines. It most often takes the form of blog posts and article writing, but can also be used to create static website pages, social media posts and other online written content. The content should be written with specific marketing goals in mind in order to be most effective.

How To Write For SEO Effectively

SEO writers need to understand the factors that affect SEO and be able to incorporate good practices into the content they write. Ideally, they will keep up to date on search engine algorithm changes and continue to learn about the various factors that can improve SEO. Keywords and phrases are usually the most important element of good SEO for writers. SEO content writers often must identify good, unique keywords that will improve a piece’s SEO. In other cases, the company will have already decided on the keywords they want to be used in a piece and the writer must incorporate those words naturally.

Other Factors That Go Into Good SEO

Words are not the only important element to good SEO. Sometimes writers are required to incorporate other elements into their writing that affect SEO, most notably links but also videos. Links are especially important because search engines see links to authoritative sources and backlinks from other sites as signs that a piece of content is useful. The search engine is therefore more likely to rank that content high in the search engines so searchers will see it first. When as many as 75% of users never go past the first page of results on a search engine, according to Forbes, good SEO writing needs to include these other elements as well.

Adapting To Various Search Engines

A final important consideration to remember is that SEO rules can change over time. This happens because of changes the search engines make to their algorithms. Because Google is the most used search engine, Google’s algorithms are often the most important ones to keep track of for SEO writers. However, Google is not the only search engine on the Internet and in many cases, it is worth it to optimize content for other engines because they can offer advantages Google does not. Bing and Yahoo are Google’s biggest competition, and Amazon is an incredibly important search engine when it comes to products.


SEO writing can be complex but it is an often necessary part of content writing and online marketing. With a strong understanding of SEO writing, writers and companies can create content that will help attract visitors to their websites and grow their businesses.

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