What is SEO Marketing?

seo marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a type of marketing that most website owners or businesses need to set up, but a lot of people are not aware of what SEO marketing is. SEO marketing makes a big difference in where a site ranks on Google and other search engines. Becoming familiar with what SEO marketing is helps ensure that a site will get the desired level of visibility, traffic and conversions.

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Definition of SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is the ongoing process of boosting the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. It also refers to improving the unpaid searches that lead consumers to a website. This is in contrast to the paid links that can be posted within content or advertising words on search engine results pages. SEO marketing aims to increase the amount and quality of the natural, organic or free searches performed by people when the visit a search engine and type in words or a phrase.

Local SEO

Local SEO marketing is a sub-type of SEO marketing. It refers to updating the content, links and tags on a site so that local people will find it. This service also includes increasing a site’s placement on search engine results pages when a person uses a location along with a key phrase. For example, a person with a toothache needs to see a dentist, and they probably want to see a dentist who is close to their home or place of work. This person might go to Google and type “emergency dentist Boise.” Adding the location to the key phrase narrows the results to dentists in Boise who offer emergency dental care.

Global SEO

Global SEO is a service that businesses or site owners may need in order to increase overall traffic, not just local traffic. For example, a site that sells buttons may be better off with a global SEO campaign if the business’s owner offers shipping of their product. It is possible that people from anywhere in the USA or around the world might want to order buttons and have them shipped to their location. In this case, the keywords, headers, URLs, back links and image tags should be related to the products rather than a location. Some examples of global SEO for a shop might include “abalone shell buttons,” “ceramic hand-painted buttons,” or “resin buttons.”

SEO Is an Ongoing Process

According to Mozlow, SEO is not a once-and-done type of process. It requires ongoing work and analysis. This is because the words that people search for change on a regular basis. Search engines also make regular updates to their algorithms. A few tweaks in an algorithm could cause a site’s search engine results placement to tumble. There is a hierarchy of SEO marketing that business owners should follow.


SEO marketing is a multi-step process. It is also cyclical, so there should be no end to the SEO services required for a website to continuously rank well on all of the search engines. Site owners wondering about what is SEO marketing and how it would benefit their site would do well to begin with a baseline site analysis in order to determine their current performance and rank. Once the top is reached, the process should start all over again.

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