What Doors are Opened By a Master’s in Computer Science?

masters in computer science opportunities

Computer science is a field that’s offered at several degree levels, and many aspiring computer specialists wonder what doors a master’s in computer science opens. The great news is that a master’s in computer science prepares students for jobs that offer not only lucrative wages but also good career growth and low unemployment rates. Graduates of a master’s in computer science may also find themselves qualified for leadership and managerial positions. Learn more about the master’s in computer science and see if it might be the degree for you!

What a Master’s in Computer Science Degree Entails

Candidates pursuing a master’s in computer science are usually required to already have a bachelor’s degree, so the master’s degree can be earned in about two to three years. Coursework will include major-related courses, some elective courses, and advanced courses. Students will complete advanced courses like operating systems, data structures, artificial intelligence, data science, security, programming, software engineering, computer architecture, algorithms, and networking.

Students in the computer science graduate program can also choose specific areas of specialization such as:

• Web Engineering

• Data Mining

• Software Engineering

• Networking and Security

• Data Visualization

• Real-World Computing

• Data Science

• Business Intelligence

• Information Retrieval

Towards the end of the program, students are generally required to complete a capstone course, which is usually in the form of an internship, field experience or a research project.

Are Master’s in Computer Science Degrees Offered Online?

The good news is that many colleges and universities offer a master’s in computer science program through distance learning. Online programs offer many benefits, but the biggest benefit is that students can continue to work while earning the degree online. This works exceptionally well for the candidate who is already working in a computer-related field because he or she can gain valuable work experience that can be helpful while earning a graduate degree.

The cost of earning an online master’s in computer science can vary from school to school. The student’s state of residence can also affect the cost. Some online colleges charge higher tuition for out-of-state students, while others charge the same since it is an online school. U.S. News & World Report indicates that online computer science students can expect to pay total tuition fees ranging from $15,000 to $72,000. Full-time online students can generally complete the master’s in computer science program in two to five years.

Career Options for Graduates of Master’s in Computer Science Degrees

Graduates of computer science master’s degree programs generally have the training and education to qualify them for many positions in computer science and/or information technology – two fields with excellent career opportunities. Computer and information research scientists are expected to see a 16 percent job growth between 2018 and 2028, while computer and information technology jobs are expected to grow 12 percent during the decade as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here are just a few of the many possible doors opened by a master’s in computer science.

• Computer and Information Research Scientist

• Network and Computer Systems Administrator

• Senior Web Developer

• Computer Systems Analyst

• Cyber Security Analyst

• Senior Database Administrator

• Forensic Computer Analyst

• Computer Network Architect

• Software Developer

• Computer Programmer

With so many excellent jobs requiring computer science degrees, it’s little wonder that so many students are choosing this field. The increasing use of computers, the internet, and the cloud increase the demand for more computer science professionals. Choosing a master’s in computer science is an ideal way to advance education and training to the highest level and be competitive in the workforce, which is the goal of most people.

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