What Careers Involve Coding?

careers with coding

Careers that involve coding go well beyond positions in data science. There are, in fact, many positions that coding experts can acquire if they are highly knowledgeable in HTML and/or CSS coding. And what is even more appealing about jobs that require coding is that they are highly flexible. Not only can these persons choose to work independently or for a company-based employer, but there is a broad range of fields and companies that employ coding professionals. Just a sample of the careers available to professional coders can be found in the following sections.

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1. Content Writers and Marketers

Two fun and exciting careers that involve coding are content writers and marketers. Content writers typically work independently for online content companies that provide content to businesses with an online presence. The content they write may vary depending on the needs of their clients but often includes such things as blogs and product reviews. HTML coding is often required before submitting content for approval. Content marketers may write the content themselves or employ the services of content writers. Those who choose to write the content themselves must convert their text to web-compatible coding prior to submitting final projects to their clients.

2. Website Designers

Another great career that involves coding is that of a website designer. Most businesses today have an online presence and maintain company websites. Business owners and managers who do not have the time or skills required to design their own websites often employ the services of website designers. It is the job of professional website designers to create effective websites that are both attractive and user-friendly. They accomplish this by utilizing their skills in HTML and CSS coding as well as such valuable tools as Javascript and/or Wordpress. These persons can also work independently, or they may choose to work for website design companies.

3. Digital Marketing Analysts

Positions in digital marketing analysis are also among the many careers available today that involve coding. Digital marketing analysts collect and analyze data from such sources as business websites, social media sites, and forums for use in marketing strategies. Their unique responsibilities require expertise with a variety of online marketing tools and skills including HTML and CSS coding, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Kissmetrics. These positions pay quite well and are growing at a rate of 23 percent according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Webmasters

Obtaining a position as a webmaster is another great option for people who are looking for careers that involve coding. The responsibilities of webmasters are many and often include creating marketing content for company blogs and social media sites, designing websites, maintaining and revising web pages, and maintaining such things as computer software, computer hardware, and web servers. To be eligible for a position as a webmaster, candidates must have expert knowledge in HTML and CSS coding as well as experience using JavaScript and Wordpress.

5. Technical Writers

Technical writers are similar to content writers, but these professionals typically write content pertaining strictly to technology. These persons can also work independently but many are employed by such organizations as large and small businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and educational facilities. According to an article posted on the website Forbes, the duties of technical writers can vary but often include using HTML and/or CSS coding to create such things as educational tutorials, instructional documents, and product or service documents.

Individuals who have expert knowledge in HTML and/or CSS coding have many terrific career options available to them. And five careers that involve coding expertise are described in the previous sections.

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