What are the Prerequisites for a Master’s in Computer Science?

Computer science is an exciting field. In both the United States and the international markets, computer science is one of the fastest growing fields. This science deals with computer applications, theories and means of processing information in computers, and the exciting task of designing computer hardware or software.

Is A Master’s in Computer Science For You?

If you are interested in learning everything from basic programming tasks to how to make and introduce new and innovative programs, a degree in computer science is the perfect choice for you. A Bachelor’s degree is a must for most companies hiring individuals with a computer science background; but to really stand out, a Master’s degree or higher in the field shows not only how much you know but how dedicated you are to your area of expertise, as well.

Prerequisites for a Master’s in Computer Science

The prerequisites for a master’s in computer science are, for the most part, exactly what you’d expect: a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field, technical in nature. Think operations research, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or the likes.

Universities like to see candidates for computer science master’s programs that possess certain skill sets that are highly valuable within the field. Applicants should understand and have knowledge in the areas of:

  • Mathematics, such as linear algebra ad calculus
  • Programming and organizing computer systems
  • Data Structures
  • and other areas pertinent to the field of Computer Science

Did you get a bachelor’s degree in a different field entirely? Many computer science departments encourage scholars from different fields to apply for their master’s programs if they can demonstrate the skills needed to become a specialist within this area.

Is A Master’s In Computer Science Worth it?

Absolutely! If you have a bachelor’s degree in a related field or can show proficiency in the areas these prestigious departments expect, and you have an interest in computer science as your life’s work, it is more than worth your while to look further into this great opportunity. There is quite a bit of value in a computer science Master’s degree. Students who pursue this degree:

  • Learn specialized skills in the concentration(s) of their choosing, such as web development, big data, the cloud, software development, app development, and more.
  • Earn a degree that fits with our fast paced, tech savvy world.
  • Are provided with with learning opportunities and meet mentors that will help new computer scientists succeed in a competitive industry.

If you have met all the prerequisites for a master’s in computer science and think you have what it takes to become one of the great computer scientists of tomorrow, apply today to take your education and your career to the next level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Software Developers as a faster than normal growing job with projected 17% growth from 2014 to 2024, with a median annual income of $97,990– that’s $47.11 per hour. What are you waiting for? Learn more about Master’s in Computer Science opportunities to see how you can grow your skill set and become one of the best.

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