How Does Social Media Affect an Information Technology Professional?

Advances in information technology (IT) continue to change all aspects of doing business from operations to marketing, and social media platforms have been key tools in the evolution of business marketing. The widespread use of these digitized communication channels by consumers and businesses across all industries encourage greater interaction between traditional IT and marketing departments within companies. It also creates opportunities for the development of professionals with cross-disciplinary skill sets that increase their value to the companies for which they work and the labor market as a whole. Here are some ways that social communication platforms bolster skill sets and expand career opportunities for IT professionals.

Establishing Computing System Infrastructure For Social Media Marketing

The job descriptions of IT and marketing professionals begin to blur when it comes to implementing, managing and developing infrastructure in support of social internet media. Businesses that use social internet media establish communication between itself and consumers as well as encourage the creation of user driven content to generate authentic buzz for its products and services. These activities generally involve marketing professionals. However, social internet media is made possible through IT system development because they run on web-based platforms. IT professionals get involved with establishing and updating the company’s computing systems so that internet marketing campaigns using social communication channels can achieve their desired results. For instance, mobile computing has become the norm for social internet media users, and IT professionals make sure that their customer experiences are of the same quality of those accessing the company’s website and social communication channels from networked desktop computers. IT professionals also work with marketing departments to set up dashboards and reporting mechanisms that make managing social communication channels easier and allow marketing people to collect the right data points for future internet marketing campaigns.

Social Internet Media Increases the Scope of Data Management

A key benefit of using social internet media is the metrics that can be gathered, analyzed and used to make operational and strategic business decisions. Both IT and marketing professionals are trained to demonstrate the problem solving skills used in data analysis. However, the ways that they use those skills are different. While marketing professionals use data to conduct market research, IT professionals must make recommendations for data management tools that can gather, store and synthesize data coming in from multiple communication platforms. They look for enterprise tools that make the jobs of marketing managers easier and not a collection of disparate tools for separate functions.

Cross Training of IT and Marketing Professionals

While IT professionals must work closely with marketing experts to understand business requirements and deliver the right tools needed to bring internet marketing campaigns to life, they also can spend some time educating marketing professionals about the numerous features available with some of these enterprise tools. The field of IT moves at a fast clip, and system updates are frequently necessary to keep pace with either industry or consumer driven changes. IT professionals act as technology trainers for marketing experts who use data management tools. As IT and marketing professionals work together and share knowledge, they discover new ways to use social communication channels to engage customers, promote brands and drive sales.

Corporate leaders and executives understand that information drives business, and technology simply makes the utilization of information more efficient. The use of social media is one way that technology has made marketing more efficient and cost-effective when employed by business professionals who understand the depths of its features.

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