What Skills are Required in Software Sales?

skills for computer software sales

If you would like to pursue a career in software sales, it is time to learn about the skills you will need to succeed in the field. As with any type of sales job, you are going to need to be a confident person who presents well in a crowd and has great communications skills. In addition to the standard sales skills, you will need a special set of skills that are specific to selling software to companies and organizations. These are the skills that organizations will look for when they are reviewing resumes and interviewing prospects.

Preparing for a Sales Presentation in Advance

As an outside sales representative must work with clients who have a need for enterprise software that will help solve a problem. Buying software is often an expensive investment, and this is why you cannot expect to just wing it when you are doing your sales presentation.

The very first sign that you are a skilled software sales representative is that you walk in prepared and you research the customer’s business and industry. By visiting the website, learning about the decision makers and getting enough information to guide a customer and keep them engaged, you can build trust and help make recommendations that matter. You need to be sure that you know the problems that the client faces and then come up with the solutions in advance to show them how your software presents value.

Diagnosing the Problems Where They Materialize

Most people know that they need to do their homework before a sales meeting, but when selling software it is crucial to bring awareness to the problem in every area it materializes. Most clients know the main problem but do not realize how this major problem causes problems in different functions and departments. By doing a diagnosis that includes every function that is impacted by failing the buy the software, the client will see more value. You may want to create a map that highlights the problems and solutions to advise your clients which purchase is best. This is what will help guide your sales oriented conversation.

Being a Collaborative Sales Professional

Enterprise software is a custom product. The features that one organization needs is not the same across the board. To be a talented sales person, you need to be able to collaborate with your clients to help propose features and problem-solve. You are the expert in software and the client needs you to guide them in the implementation of new solutions. The customer may understand the problem they need to address, but you are the one who understands how the solution with implement the changes that need to occur.


As a sales person, you need to believe in what you are selling. You will not be a persuasive person if you do not become an expert on the product. You will be selling to various industries and each industry has their own characteristics. Be sure to show that you are a person who can adapt and who is motivated to succeed when going for an opening. Top performers can earn six figure salaries. If you have the right background in sales and you can show that you have the communication and listening skills needed to work in the field, you make become the next great software sales specialist.

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