What is the Python Programming Language?

When potential programmers and coders begin learning languages, one of the most common questions is, what is the Python programming language? It’s a valid question, considering that many languages, including Python, work together with other languages in order to build complex web applications and sites. This short introduction to Python will help any potential programmer understand the language and why it’s useful.

What is Python?

Python is an open-source programming language that is high level and works as a general purpose language; it is most often compared to Ruby, JavaScript, and Scheme. What sets Python apart from other programming languages is that it is simple to use, can be taught to a beginner, can be embedded into any application, and can run on all current operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is also one of the most powerful languages a programmer can use and is about three and five times faster to code than JavaScript and C++, respectively.

The Program

The Python program is a scripting language that can be used for prototype development, coding websites and applications, processing images, scientific data, and more. The program can be found in action on the Google search engine, NASA, Disney, Pinterest, and more. It was built for ease of use and speed and is less complicated than Ruby and other similar object-oriented programming languages. Because it is open-sourced, the program has enjoyed a popularity among developers and programmers, and it continues to be the base program for most websites in operation on the internet today.

The Software

Python software is free to download and can be accessed on virtually every type of operating system. It comes with a large standard library that will make programming simple tasks, such as reading and modifying files, connecting to web servers, and more, easy. The software can also work as a primer for programmers who are interested in learning Ruby or Java, which are both more complicated but share similar traits with Python. The software was also created in order to catch errors quicker, erasing the need for long code-test-debug sessions, and contains advanced features to streamline the programming process.

What does a Python Programmer Do?

A Python programmer can work in a variety of industries and with different companies. In 2014, companies such as Nokia, IBM, Google, and Disney were all searching for programmers with Python experience to help them with web applications and framework development; in this respect, Python works perfectly with Django, which functions as the base framework system that Python builds on. Python also enables programs to script professional-grade web-based products. From back-end to front-end development, full-stack and web-based options, Python programmers continue to find more economic prospects as the use of the language grows to encompass all areas of software and web development.

Python is an easy but powerful programming language to learn, and it can help programmers find work and fulfillment in the coding sector. Now that your “What is the Python programming language?” question has been answered, the next step is to take advantage of the free resources available online to start learning Python.

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