Which Industries Would be Interested in Me With a Master’s in IT?

If you are thinking about pursuing a career and/or education in the information technology sector, you have probably wondered about which industries to work in with a IT MBA. By learning the answer to this question and several others that pertain to the field of information technology, you can make an informed decision regarding whether this is the right vocational path for you to follow.

Information Technology-A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, information technology (IT) is a field that melds the application of telecommunications equipment and computers for the purpose of retrieving, storing, transmitting, and manipulating data. Oftentimes, IT work transpires in a business context. The term “IT” is often employed as a synonym for computer networks and computers. However, it can also pertain to other information distribution technologies like telephones and televisions. There are a variety of industries that are related to the field of information technology, and some of them include software, semiconductors, electronics, computer hardware, telecom equipment, e-commerce, internet, and computer services.

MBA’s in Information Technology

Individuals who opt to further their careers and/or education by attaining an MBA in Information Technology gain a strong foundation in the worlds of business management while simultaneously sharpening their knowledge and experience in the information technology sector. Some of the courses an IT MBA student can expect to take include Essentials of Business Development, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, and Organizational Behavior.

Careers In Information Technology

As many IT experts know, there are a variety of careers that individuals who earn an IT MBA can work in. The technology and business management background that IT students attain prepares them to work in industries such as IT management, Digital commerce, E-business, and telecommunications. In discussing its top 10 jobs in information technology, Experience includes the following positions:

1. IT Consultant

This position involves the evaluation of systems for the purpose of ensuring that computers function in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

2. Cloud Architect

As cloud architects, IT professionals specialize in organizing and formatting the storage space used for cloud computing purposes. With a starting salary of $112,000, a career in cloud architecture is one of the best-paying information technology positions available.

3. Health IT Specialist

Health IT specialists combine record-keeping skills with computer knowledge to make the use and implementation of electronic health records effective and simple for employers.

Some of the other positions that individuals with an MBA in IT can pursue include that of a mobile application developer, web developer, software engineer, information technology vendor manager, geospatial professional, or data modeler. While each of these fields does not pertain directly to the business sector, the skills and knowledge an IT MBA student gains regarding business will better enable him or her to excel in any IT-related job. This results from the fact that IT MBA business courses place primacy on the types of skills that are employed in almost every field, such as leadership, effective communication, and management competency.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in IT, you should know that doing so can be very advantageous. By considering the information listed above about industries to work in with a IT MBA, you can make an informed decision regarding whether this vocational path would be right for you.

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