How Useful is an Associate Degree in Web Design?

Students considering their degree options may be wondering how useful is an associate degree in web design. This degree is actually incredibly useful and can set students on a rewarding and lucrative career path after only two years of schooling. Here are some of the ways this degree can be put to good use.

What Web Designers Do

The job of these professionals is to design and create websites. This includes both the look and the technical aspects of the site. Some developers are responsible for all aspects of the site while others specialize, such as in front-end (the parts of the site a visitor sees) or back-end (the more behind the scenes technical aspects) development. Web designers may be called upon to update sites they have created later. They must have excellent programming and graphic design skills, as well as exceptional interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with clients and design them the site they need and want. An associate’s in web design teaches students all of these things so they will have a solid foundation from which to grow a successful career as a web designer.

Why It Is Useful?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is highly in demand, with an estimated 13% growth rate through 2028. This is considered much faster than average growth. The average annual income is also very high, at $73,760. It is a degree that combines the advantages of a tech degree (such as a high salary and strong demand) with strong creative elements, which many students will find personally satisfying. These are all solid reasons why this degree is very useful.

Advantages Of An Associate Degree

An associate’s degree, in general, offers a number of advantages over other options. They only take two years to earn as opposed to a bachelor’s degree or higher, allowing students to graduate and move on to the working world faster. Associate’s degrees are good choices for students who already know what they want to do and therefore can skip general education classes. Students can dive right into their field of choice and learn useful hard skills such as web design. They are typically much cheaper than bachelor’s degrees but offer more job opportunities than high school diplomas do. With student loan rates at an all-time high, obtaining an associate’s degree can be a very attractive option. This is especially true for students who want to pursue a career, like web design, that only requires an associate’s degree.

What Job Paths Can Be Pursued?

Holders of an associate’s degree in web design can go on to design websites in a number of different capacities. This is another good measure of how useful is an associate’s in web design – their flexibility. Graduates can find work at companies in any industry or at a specialty web design firm. They can also go into business for themselves by either opening a web design firm or work exclusively as a freelancer. Web design is a good subject to pursue for students who may want to work for themselves because it is a profession that lends itself very well to self-employment.

Web development positions typically only require an associate’s degree, so an associate’s in web design is exceedingly useful for students who know they want to become web designers. The career a student ultimately wants to have is the best measure of how useful is an associate’s in web design.

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