What are Some Career Opportunities for Computer Science Majors?

careers in computer science

When thinking about getting a major in computer science there’ll be many computer science job opportunities available to students after they graduate. These career opportunities are pretty diverse and can provide a significant amount of personal and professional development. 

Software Engineer

The first career opportunity that is available for computer science majors is going into software engineering. A software engineer is tasked with the responsibility of developing software which will help to make using a computer more efficient. Software engineers are frequently hired by software companies to develop a wide range of different products and improvements. They can also be hired to help develop websites, mobile applications, and many other technological services.

IT Development and Support

Another career option for computer science majors is to go into IT development and support. Many computer science programs now have a specific focus and concentration on information technology. Does that go into IT will be involved in helping to develop complex networks and technology services, which are used by organizations across the world. This will help to ensure that an organization keeps their network secured and works effectively to connect all employees. Once the network has been established an IT professional will also be able to help keep it organized and updated one necessary.


For people that are looking to get a major in computer science, another possible career opportunity would be to become a consultant. Computer science consultants are hired for a wide variety of purposes. They are frequently brought into a company to analyze their IT infrastructure, make suggestions for process improvements, and then stick around to implement the improvements. Consultants could also be hired to help a company to develop a new website, mobile application, or software to use for their particular business. Having a minor in business will normally complement a computer science major well if you are looking to get a job as a consultant.


For those that would like to work in the computer science field, but also want to have a good amount of contact with clients, going into sales would be a great option. People that are in sales and have a background in computer science could be tasked with the responsibility to sell a wide range of services and products. They may at times be required to sell software that their company has developed and then train the company how to use with, while other computer science graduates could be tasked with trying to sell clients into using one of the consulting services that their company provides. Those that have a minor or second major in marketing could have a easier time finding a job in technical sales.

In conclusion, people that are looking to pursue a major in computer science I’ll likely find that they will have plenty of professional opportunities available to them after they graduate. Computer science careers opportunities can vary considerably from one to the next and will always provide a significant amount of professional growth opportunities.

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