Can You Get a Good Job With Only a Bachelor’s in Computer Science?

Can You Get a Good Job With Only a Bachelor’s in Computer Science

It is perfectly possible to get a good job with only a bachelor’s in computer science. In fact, many of the most high-paying, in-demand jobs can be pursued with a degree in this field. Here are some of the best jobs available to graduates who hold a bachelor’s in computer science, no master’s degree required.

Software Developers

Software developers are professionals who create computer programs. They also create the underlying infrastructure of a computer’s operating system which allows the machine to function. This is a fairly creative profession because developers are often tasked with analyzing the needs of users in order to come up with great new software ideas that could be incredibly useful and successful. This includes both in a niche and more general capacity. Some developers write the code themselves but often they direct programmers to write the code needed for a particular product to perform as intended. Software developers only need a bachelor’s degree in computer science to enter the field, which is in high demand and regularly makes six-figure salaries.

IT Specialists And Managers

IT professionals are needed in just about every organization to manage its technological needs. Managers, in particular, make a lot of money. Their annual average salary is $142,530 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like many other computer science occupations, this one is also experiencing high growth rates. It should be noted that managerial positions almost always require several years of previous experience in the field. IT specialists make less but are still in demand because of the need for professionals who can maintain an organization’s IT systems and troubleshoot problems. Although a bachelor’s degree in computer science is often preferred for these workers, they may also be able to get a position with an associate’s degree or simply strong computer knowledge.

Database Administrators

Database administrators are responsible for storing and managing digital data, usually consisting of client information but also research and corporate data. They do this with the use of database software and may be responsible for designing the databases used as well. Priorities include making sure data stays correctly organized, secure and backed up. Backing up data is critical to ensuring it is never lost and strong security features are necessary to prevent hackers from accessing it. Database administration is a good job with only a bachelor’s in computer science, makes just shy of $100,000 annually on average and is expected to experience faster growth than average.

Web Developers

For this job, students only actually need an associate’s degree. However, a bachelor’s degree can increase job opportunities and earning potential. Like most other tech jobs, web developer positions are expected to grow at a rate much faster than average in the coming years. Their role is to develop, create, test and publish websites for their clients. They can work for a web design firm, an individual company in any field or for themselves as freelancers. They are sometimes divided into front-end developers, who design the aspects of a website viewers see, and back-end developers, who focus on the technical construction in the background.

Of course, it is important for students to remember that they should pursue a job they will enjoy doing and have the right personality for. What constitutes a “good job” will vary depending on the individual. However, it is very possible, and even likely, to get a good job with only a bachelor’s in computer science.

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