Can I Get a Decent Job With an Associate’s in Computer Science?

Can I Get a Decent Job With an Associate's in Computer Science

Individuals interested in technology careers but aren’t interested in waiting four years to start their careers often ask the question, “Can I get a decent job with an associate’s in computer science?” The good news is that there are several decent jobs they can get with the associate’s degree. The associate’s in computer science degree can also prepare the candidate for further education if they so choose. There are many benefits to having a computer science degree. Here three job possibilities for graduates of the computer science associate degree program.

Computer Programmer

As long as we continue to have computers in our lives, we will continue to need the services of computer programmers. These intelligent, highly-trained individuals are the ones who write and test the codes that make computers and computer applications do what we want. Let’s take, for instance, the popular computer game Minecraft. Software developers created the game and send it to the computer programmers. Without a computer programmer writing the code, it would be nothing more than a non-functional game. The programmer takes the directions from the software developer and turns it into codes the computer will understand. Computer programmers also upgrade programs, test them for errors and assist software developers. Computer programmers earn a median annual wage of $84,280 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is another job possible with an associate’s in computer science. Computer systems analysts oversee the installation and configuration of a business’s computer system. They analyze the company’s IT needs, research technologies that may improve the organization’s efficiency, devise methods for making the computer system more functional, determine the cost efficiency of adding new technologies into the computer and consult with managers on issues related to company’s computer systems.  Computer systems analysts earn median annual wages of $88,740.

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists are professionals who offer advice and help to computer users and businesses. They may offer their technical assistance to an individual computer user at home or may work at a large organization where they test and analyze current network systems to make sure the networks are working correctly. Computer support specialists are an important part of an organization’s computer system because they perform the necessary maintenance, such as backing up files, running virus scans, upgrading hardware and software, solving information technology issues and handling the company’s disaster recovery efforts. Computer support specialists earned median annual wages of $62,770.

What an Associate’s in Computer Science Program Entails

The computer science associate degree program is typically a two-year program. Students pursuing the degree online may complete it in less than two years or may take longer than two years. Computer science students will complete these courses.

• Computer programming

• Computer networking fundamentals

• Database Fundamentals

• Programming II

• Introduction to Operating Systems

• Information Technology

• Network Security

In addition to completing courses, students are also required to complete an internship where they can obtain hands-on training working in a computer science field. Upon completion of the associate’s degree program, the graduate is eligible to earn certifications.

With the technology-driven world we live in today, computer science is a rapidly growing field with many employment options. Earning the associate’s in computer science not only prepares the student academically for entry-level technology jobs but can also help the student gain valuable work experience through internships.

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