Computer Science Salary

Computer Science Salary

Individuals seeking to pursue careers in the technological field may inquire about the computer science salary. Computer science uses scientific and practical methods to study computation and related applications. A computer science degree prepares individuals to design, build, and maintain both software and hardware for computers. The course topics commonly include computer languages, automation theory, scientific computing, computers systems, and management of computer software.

Computer Science: Where To Start

A variety of colleges and universities offer computer science degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Examples of top institutions that offer computer science degrees include the University of Illinois, Grantham University, and the University of Florida. The University of Illinois offers an online bachelor’s degree in computer science and students can complete the degree in as little as three years. Students must complete at least 60 credit hours in prerequisites before admittance to the program. Grantham University offers a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and students have the ability to select 18 to 27 elective credit hours as part of the program. The University of Florida offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in computer science. The program is intended for students who have previously completed an associate degree who want to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Details About Computer Science Salaries

Graduates of computer science degree programs have the potential to earn a lucrative salary. In general, the starting computer science salary is around $58,000, but various factors influence a salary, including location, employer, position, education, work experience, and job performance.

The area in which individuals live greatly influences the salary of computer science graduates, because demand and cost of living vary greatly. For example, computer science professionals living in San Francisco, California earn a median pay of $101,000 per year, while those in Chicago, Illinois earn a median pay of $75,000.

Graduates who have worked less than one year earn a median pay of $53,000; one to four years working make a median wage of $58,000; five to nine years employed earn $75,000; and 10 to 19 years make a median salary of $94,000.

The specialty area a student chooses also significantly influences pay. Those specializing in HTML earn a median wage of $68,000 per year, and those in project management make a median pay of $97,000. Software engineers earn between $50,000 and $100,000, computer programmers earn between $53,000 and $90,000, and program analysts between $45,000 and $81,000. Management positions typically pay the most and information technology managers can earn up to $120,000 per year. The most in-demand positions include software engineers and project managers.

Computer science graduates can do various things to increase their earnings. Pursuing advanced educational opportunities is usually the most obvious way. Individuals with graduate degrees commonly earn between $5,000 and $10,000 more a year than those with undergraduate degrees. Professional certifications can also boost pay. For example, professionals with the Project Management Professional certification earn a median wage of $103,000 and those with the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification earn a median pay of $96,000. Gaining significant experience in the field can also increase the computer science salary and many people start at entry-level positions and then progress to upper-level jobs over time.

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