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Computer Science Degrees Offered at American InterContinental University

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American InterContinental University is an accredited college that offers classes primarily online to students all over the world. Courses are also offered on physical campuses in Houston, Texas, and Atlanta, Ga. Most students at AIU are working professionals pursuing degrees in their field of occupation. The computer science programs at AIU are intended to provide useful skills that enable students to add value to their organizations. Some of the computer-related programs at AIU include:

  • B.S. Software Development
  • B.S. Information Technology
  • B.S. Computer Systems Analysis
  • B.S. Computer Forensics
  • B.S. Cybersecurity
  • M.S. Information Technology
  • M.S. Cybersecurity

All of the computer science and information technology degrees at AIU are offered online, and most of them are available on campus as well. Hybrid programs are available as a convenience for students in Houston and Atlanta. This flexibility makes it easier for students to get the personal attention they need to succeed in challenging courses, such as data analysis, machine learning, software security, and network analysis.

The B.S. in Software Development is offered online and on both campuses. Like all of the degree programs at AIU, it’s designed to provide practical training and preparation for real-world situations. The focus of the program is on software development within the field of information technology. Some of the subjects studied in this program include software quality control and testing, e-commerce software development, systems analysis and design, object-oriented programming, mobile app development, and human-computer interfaces and interactions. The program requires 180 credit hours of coursework. It’s conceptually related to other programs offered at AIU, such as the bachelor’s programs in IT project management, networking and technology management.

The M.S. in Cybersecurity is one of the most popular graduate programs at AIU. It combines computer science, information technology, and computer forensic science into a stimulating program that requires 48 credit-hours of graduate-level coursework. It’s offered online and on the Houston campus, so students can choose to mix and match their classroom formats or focus exclusively on one format or the other. The subjects covered by this program include principles of information systems, information security, cryptography, network security, object-oriented programming, and database design and implementation.

Students looking to increase their employment opportunities and earn more money can enroll in the IT master’s program. The M.S. in Information Technology is offered online and on both campuses. It is targeted to students who have experience working with technology and want to move into managerial positions. The subjects studied by students in this program include principles of IT project management, leadership, communication, risk management, information systems, object-oriented programming, database design, and enterprise networks.

About American InterContinental University

AIU was founded in Switzerland in 1970. Its original name was the American Fashion College of Switzerland, and it was accredited to award postsecondary degrees to students at its European campus. During the 1970s, several campuses were opened around the world, including locations in Atlanta, Ga., and London, U.K. In 1982, a new campus was opened in Los Angeles, Ca., and the student population across all campuses grew to over 1,000 students. Several additional campuses were added in the 1990s and 2000s, including new campuses in Dubai, U.A.E., Houston, Texas, and South Florida. An online campus was created in 2002, and enrollment has increased over the years to reach over 15,000 students. In the 2000s, AIU consolidated its physical campuses to just two U.S.-based campuses in Houston and Atlanta, and most courses are delivered via the Internet.

Today, AIU is accredited to award associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in over 50 subjects. Most faculty members are professionals in their fields and experienced in online instruction. Whether students take classes online or in person, they have access to all of the learning resources available to students on campus, including library services, career placement services and counseling.

American InterContinental University Accreditation Details

AIU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and licensed to award degrees at its physical campuses in Texas and Georgia. The HLC is a regional accrediting agency of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It provides institutional accreditation for colleges throughout the central United States, and it is approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Several programs at AIU are programmatically accredited, in addition to the institutional accreditation provided by the HLC. The Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) has accredited the Master of Education program. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) has accredited the various business programs, including courses in the management sections of the IT and technology management programs.

American InterContinental University Application Requirements

AIU is an open-enrollment university, so virtually everyone who applies for enrollment will be accepted. The application process is free, and it begins with a phone conversation with an enrollment advisor. During the phone call, the advisor will explain the process to the student and try to determine the best way to proceed. The second step of the process is to fill out an online application. This simple online form collects basic information about the student to input into the university database. Next, the student must submit supporting documents about his or her academic record. Freshmen applicants must provide a high school transcript or proof of a GED while transfer students and graduate school applicants must submit transcripts from an accredited college. The application will be reviewed by an administrator within two weeks, and the student can begin taking classes as soon as enrollment has been finalized.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs at AIU are about $20,500 per year for undergraduate and graduate students. The cost of books and other supplies can increase the total amount by around $500 to $1,000 per year. After applying for enrollment at AIU, students can submit an application for financial aid by visiting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website. Federal student aid is awarded to students with financial need, and it can cover up to the entire cost of tuition, books and living expenses through public loans and grants.

American InterContinental University is a great option for working professionals who want to gain new credentials and increase their opportunities in a competitive job market.

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